Did you ever stop to think how easy it is to upcycle a wine barrel into a table? Turns out that wine barrel tables are deliciously easy to make. So easy in fact that we’ll show you how to make 2 different kinds: a wine barrel bar table and a wine barrel side table.

wine barrel table

How to make a wine barrel bar table

If you’ve ever wanted a gorgeous 2 seater bar table then this is your moment. This wine barrel bar table is beyond easy to make and completely affordable. The first step is to find a wine barrel. These can either be found on Craigslist or purchased through a vineyard. You can likely find one for around $40. Next source a glass top. For this you can either have one cut, or might be able to find a second hand one online. You can easily affix the glass top to the wine barrel with some clear plastic discs from your local hardware store. And that’s pretty much it! If you want to you can even add some items under the glass table top for a seasonal display.

Now for the wine barrel side tables. If you can image, these are even easier to make.

wine barrel table

How to make a wine barrel side table

For risk of sounding silly here’s how you make a wine barrel side table. Step 1, find a wine barrel. Please see above for suggestions on this. Step 2, cut the barrel in half. You can often even buy half a barrel, or 2 halves. Next turn your barrel(s) upside down and enjoy. That’s it, it’s really just that easy.

We love the simplicity of these wine barrel tables, and of course their rustic charm. Where would you put yours? Wink wink, we hear they look great on patios..

wine barrel table

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