We are delighted to introduce Samantha Procter, who makes unique, upcycled hats from unwanted materials. Samantha creates her gorgeous upcycled hats from everyday materials such as linens, blankets and various trims collected over the years. We adore her whimsical designs and dedication to the British Arts and Crafts tradition of hat making.

upcycled hats


During the 80’s and 90’s Samantha Procter worked in Old Street, London as a fashion design/pattern cutter. In recent times she found herself surrounded by beautiful things collected over the years: vintage linens, fabric, trims, buttons etc. Samantha loves sewing and is inspired by all things pretty and feminine. She particularly appreciates the effect of aerosol sprays and stencils on wool. Therefore, upcycled hats became the perfect medium for her to express herself.

upcycled hats

In order to create her upcycled hats, Samantha adopted some unusual blocking methods. These are reminiscent of the ‘Make Do and Mend’ era, utilizing everyday objects. For example, her “Red Fish Topper” hat used a glass vase and a metal rice ring for moulds. She has also previously used a flower pot and the lid of a tea pot as moulds!

upcycled hats

This “Peach Crochet” upcycled hat is made from: the lid of an M&S biscuit tin (as a mould), buckram, rim wire, black elastic, nylon lining, plastic flowers found in a charity shop, silk ribbon from the blanket edging off old peach bed blanket, touch of spray paint, PVA glue and crochet fabric from an old dress.

upcycled hats

Samantha says she loves the idea of taking something no longer in use or worn out and giving it a new life as something creative and beautiful. She lives and works from her home in Winchester, UK. She says the the revival of the British Arts and Crafts industry is like a return to the original Cottage style industry. Purchasing individually handcrafted items is a refreshing alternative to buying mass produced items; and those with the desire to, can once again sell the items they make at home.

Source: Manthy Procter

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  1. just great, I love it, because i just starting using upcycling old farbic into making flowsers necklace, you just have to think outside the BOX


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