We’re super excited to share our tutorial for teacup candles! This gorgeous DIY project could not be easier. Make a whole batch of teacup candles and have homemade gifts to share with your family and friends.

Teacup Candles Tutorial | Upcycle That

We created these sweet teacup candles as a collaboration with Gumtree UK. Gumtree believes in the power of upcycling. They have created an upcycling hub to inspire a community of likeminded people.

Teacup Candles Tutorial | Upcycle That

Have you gotten caught up in the soy-wax candle craze? We definitely have. Scented soy wax candles are awesome. Soy wax burns slowly and cleanly and is a renewable resource. It’s made from the oil of soy beans. Soy wax candles are an essential part of our home decor. We love the way these teacup candles look and the ambience they bring to a space.

Want to make teacup candles for your home? Here’s what you’ll need:

Ready to make your gorgeous teacup candles?

Step 1: Melt the soy wax in a double boiler. If you don’t have a double boiler then rest a smaller pot inside a larger one. Put the wax in the top pot and boil water in the pot underneath it. This technique melts your wax without burning it.

Teacup Candles | Upcycle That

Step 2: Allow the wax to completely melt until it’s fully liquid.

Step 3: Put the candle wick in the centre of your teacup and prop it on either side with wick supports.

Teacup Candles | Upcycle That

Step 4: Pour in the melted wax and add several drops off essential oils. We experimented with mixing different scents together, it was a lot of fun!

Step 5: Allow the wax to cool completely and then trim your wick to half an inch.

Teacup Candles Tutorial | Upcycle That

Step 6: Light and admire your teacup candles!

Teacup Candles Tutorial | Upcycle That

We really encourage you to try making these teacup candles, they are so gorgeous and easy to make!

teacup candles

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