A handlebar bike rack, what a clever DIY! We must admit, we’ve been chewing on upcycled bike rack ideas for awhile now. How did we not think of this?! This handlebar bike rack is exquisitely simple to make, looks gorgeous and works brilliantly. Follow the jump to find out how to make your own.

handlebar bike rack

Materials needed to make a handlebar bike rack

To make a handlebar bike rack you will need some old bike parts – one set of drop styled handlebars and a quill stem that fits the handlebars. You might want to look for bar ends to top the ends of your handlebars. Alternatively you could use wine corks for this. You might also want a bike tyre inner tube to wrap around your handlebar bike rack. This will prevent scratching from the otherwise metal on metal contact. Another option is to wrap your handlebars in bar tape. From a hardware shop get a threaded piece of galvanised steel pipe that your quill stem fits snugly into. Also get a wall flange that fits your steel pipe.

handlebar bike rack

How to make a handlebar bike rack

Once you’ve got your materials assembled, put your handlebars into the quill stem and turn upside down to make the structure for your handlebar bike rack. Now either wrap the bar with the used bike inner tube tyre or wrap with bar tape. Add your bar ends or wine corks to the open mouth of the handlebars. Attach your galvanised steel pipe to the wall flange and then insert the quill stem into the pipe. Theses pictures don’t have one, but it might be a good idea to include an expander bolt to really secure your steel pipe to quill stem. Once done, mount your handlebar bike rack to the wall by drilling and securing the wall flange. How seriously easy is this DIY handlebar bike rack to make?!

handlebar bike rack

We love the simplicity of this handlebar bike rack. We also found a version that was slightly more dressed up but still awesome. By mounting the wall flange on a plague and adding a bike seat underneath the handlebars you can create a modern moose head type effect.

handlebar bike rack

To make this version of the handlebar bike rack you’ll need a wall plague. We’re sure these could be found at thrift shops. Alternatively Michael’s would be a good place to check for a new one. Add hooks to the back of the plague for wall hanging. Then follow the above steps and mount the wall flange close to the top of the plague. Line up your bike saddle and mount it underneath the handlebars. Align screws with the hooks at the back of the plague and hang the handlebar bike rack.

Which version do you prefer?

Kyle Wilson
Andreas Sheiger

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  1. cool! keep up the great work! i am proud for all that you do…

  2. Now this is UPcycling! #Recycle #Repurpose #ReUse #UPcycle
    #DIY #DontThrowAway #Discarded

  3. I love this bike rack idea. I prefer the true simplified version. so cool.

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