Looking to add some Halloween decor to your house? We’ve got you covered. These ideas are easy and they look GREAT! Round up a few materials and let’s get upcycling! Here are our top 15 ideas for Halloween decor.

1. Cork Spiders and Window Frame Spider Webs 

Halloween spider decorations

We made these spiders from wine corks. The spider webs are made from retired loofah mesh stapled into old window frames.

See the full tutorial here.

2. Spider Web Wreath

Spider Web Wreath

The awesome spider web wreath is made from branches and t-shirt yarn! It’s actually the perfect, upcycled Halloween wreath.

Source: Twitchetts

3. Barbie Zombies

Barbie zombies

These Barbie zombies are hilarious! This is a great project for all those lonely Barbies we see bagged up at thrift stores. This Halloween decor is also a fun project for little upcyclers. Get your kids involved in backcombing Barbie’s hair! Then coat the dolls in white paint and allow to dry. Use permanent markers to ‘zombify’ your Barbies. If you want to take it next level you can make a siamese twin zombie!

Siamese twin zombie

Sources: Crafts By Amanda & Just Crafty Enough

4. Crystal Ball Candlesticks

Crystal Ball Candle Sticks

These crystal ball candle sticks are perfect for getting that spooky Victorian look! A variety of candle sticks look great sprayed black and grouped together. Look out for these at your local thrift shop.

Source: Flamingo Toes

Source: Jolly Mom

5. Crayon Pumpkin

Crayon Pumpkin

This crayon pumpkin is so creative! It’s a great way to use up the little bits of crayons that get broken. Put these pieces on the top of the pumpkin and use a blow dryer to melt and artistically drip the wax.

Source: The Swell Designer

6. Bat Treat Boxes

bat treat boxes

Bat treat boxes double as sweet Halloween decor! Save your toilet paper rolls and suspend these cute bats in your home.

See the full tutorial here.

7. Halloween Luminaries

Halloween Luminaries

Do you save all your glass jars? If so great, take a few of them and decoupage some tissue paper to make these lovely halloween luminaries. It’s the perfect halloween decor to light up your front porch!

Source: Creative Green Living

8. Freaky Head Planter

Freaky Doll Head Planter

This planter made from a doll’s head is freaky! We love it. Go Frankenstein on an old doll to recreate the look.

Source: Frankie

9. Tombstone Mirror

Tombstone made from an old mirror!

This tombstone is incredible. It was made from a tacky, plastic thrift store mirror from the 70’s or 80’s. This upcycle proves that there really is a reuse for everything!

Source: Vintage Kitty

10. Halloween Book Page Decor

halloween book page decor

Old, yellowing book pages get a new life as Halloween decor. Make a Trick of Treat bunting banner or use clip art to make some awesome seasonal art.

Check out our full tutorial here.

11. Black Poison Bottles

Halloween decor - poison bottles

These black poison bottles will take your Halloween decor to the next level! Gather some glass bottles, especially ones with interesting shapes. Wine, olive oil and liquor bottles make for perfect spooky potion bottles. Remove the previous labels from the bottles you are using. Then coat your used bottles with two to three coats of black paint. We love the look of matte black paint. Once dry, cut and add some paper labels. Be sure to mark your bottles with creepy ingredients like eye of newt!

Source: hgtv

12. Milk Jug Ghosts

Milk Jug Ghosts

Milk jug ghosts are a classic upcycle for Halloween decor. They are so easy to make! Just colour in the faces and cut a whole in the back. Use Christmas lights and line them up on your front porch.

Source: eighteen25

13. Bat Branches

Halloween Decor - Bat Branches

These bat branches are perfect for Halloween decor! To make your own bat branches all you need is branches, black ribbon and white puff paint. Gather your branches and pop them into a vase. Tie cut pieces of black ribbon to the branches for bats. We like to save our used gift wrap ribbons for upcycles just like this. Finally add some eyes with white puff paint. Easy-peasy. This is another great Halloween decor project to get the kids involved with.

Halloween decor - bat branches

Source: In My Own Style

14. Tin Can Luminaries

Halloween luminaries

This is a simple upcycle for adding some more festive light to your front yard. A great way to reuse tin cans. The best part is you can reuse this Halloween decor every year!

15. Haunted Figurines

Haunted Figurines

These haunted figurines are awesome! Pick up some porcelain figurines at your local thrift shop and spray paint them black. Dot the eyes with red paint and allow to dry.

Source: Sadie Seasongoods

Which Halloween decor idea is your favourite?

Upcycled Halloween Decor

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