Do you love upcycled art like we do? Then you may have come across these gorgeous floppy disk paintings by Nick Gentry. Nick Gentry is a UK based artist from London. He works primarily with obsolete media such as floppy disks, x-rays and used film negatives. We find his floppy disk paintings to be absolutely captivating. Read on for the full story behind Nick Gentry’s gorgeous upcycled art.

floppy disk paintings

Nick Gentry’s floppy disk paintings put a distinct focus on obsolete tech materials. We love his reuse of floppy disks as canvases for upcycled art. Gentry refers to his work as “social art” because he sources the materials he uses via public donation. He says this allows him, as the artist, to be closer with the viewer and contributor.

floppy disk paintings

What happens to storage media once it’s outlived it’s usefulness?

Floppy disks were once such personal objects and are now considered little more than waste. We think Nick Gentry’s floppy disk paintings can change this perception. We love that he allows for the handwritten labels to be viewable and works with the disk’s original colour. Gentry will also often incorporate the metal floppy disk hub for the subject’s eyes. There is something quite haunting about this that elicits larger social commentary about technology, cyber-culture, identity and consumerism.

floppy disk paintings

The social commentary that Nick Gentry’s floppy disk paintings invoke have led him to be featured in galleries across the UK and US. Having been featured alongside street artists Banksy and Shepard Fairley, his work is considered to be a part of the LondonĀ urban art scene.

Do you have old floppy disks lying around that you’d like to be included in Nick Gentry’s floppy disk paintings? If so, you can get involved by sending them on. Find out moreĀ here.

Watch Nick Gentry’s behind-the-scenes process:

Source: Nick Gentry

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  1. Its amazing …I dont know what else can I say about it!!

  2. Ccaptivating the vibrant soul of an era.


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