This DIY kitchen island is absolutely brilliant! It was made from a $5 garage sale cabinet! With a bit of ingenuity, an unwanted cabinet was transformed into an awesome, upcycled kitchen island. The best part? It also stores garbage and recycling bins!

DIY Kitchen Island

To make this DIY kitchen island, find a cabinet to upcycle. Choose wisely based on the size and quality of the wooden cabinet. The dimensions of your finished kitchen island will depend on the cabinet you choose to upcycle. So, it’s important to like the size of the cabinet you pick. Once you find the right cabinet, start pulling it apart by taking off the face frame, doors, shelving and hardware.

DIY Kitchen island - before

We absolutely love that this DIY kitchen island has spaces for garbage and recycling bins. It also has a little cubby section in between the bins. This was built using the shelving removed from the cabinet. Sturdy planks of lumber were added to the top to support the top counter.

DIY kitchen island

It’s the trim that makes this DIY kitchen island look so polished. This project used 1×3″ and 1×2″ finger board.

DIY Kitchen Island

Rebuild your cabinet doors by cutting rails, stiles and grooves. Drill pocket holes for your rails and fasten the joints to the door panels. This is where the DIY kitchen island really starts coming together!

DIY Kitchen Island

Paint and prime the doors and install them at the bottom of the island with hinges. Add castors and legs to make your DIY kitchen island mobile.

DIY Kitchen island

Sand, prime and paint your piece. This paint is Behr “Ultra Pure White” Glossy. Then add the hardware pulls and counter top.

DIY Kitchen Island

A cleat system on the inside of the cabinet door allows for easy access to the garbage and recycling bins. The top of the bins rest on the cleat so that it’s easy to take them out. A chain goes from the interior of the cabinet to the door, ensuring that the bins don’t fall out.



For finishing touches the counter top was painted with Jacobean by Minwax, a satin finish. A towel bar was added to the side, completing the look of this DIY kitchen island.

towel rack

We absolutely love it!

DIY Kitchen Island

DIY Kitchen Island

Source: sawdust2stitches

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