There’s really nothing cooler than a DIY jean jacket. We love how many ways there are to customize a denim jacket and express yourself! You can hand paint, embroider, and add lace, beads, fringe, and patches. The options are truly endless. Today we’re covering our top 21 favorite ideas. Get inspired to create your own custom DIY jean jacket!


Jean jackets are so versatile. You can dress them up or dress them down. Wear them to run errands or wear them to a show. Because of this, you probably already have 1 or 2 jean jackets in your closet. We love upcycling things that we already own! However there’s no need to be discouraged if you don’t already have a jean jacket, they are super easy to find at thrift stores!

Upcycled clothing is awesome because you literally get to wear your he(art) on your sleeve and showcase your talent to the world. Let’s jump into some of our favorite ideas for DIY jean jackets.

1. DIY Jean Jacket with Custom Patches

Patches are the most classic way to customize a jean jacket! We love this look because you can collect patches over time, as you travel or attend events, and then commemorate the moments on your jacket. How special is that?! These days you can even create your own special patches! If you want to do that, head over to Printful custom patches.

DIY jean jacket with patchesSource: Endomego on Etsy

2. Handpainted DIY Jean Jacket

Another classic option for customizing a jean jacket is handpainting it. We are blown away by the incredible art that people create! It’s very cool to use denim as the canvas for expression.

Painted jean jacketSource: Irene Bas Handmade

3. Embroidered DIY Denim Jacket

Embroidering denim is a total art! Look at this incredible embroidered cactus landscape.

embroidered cactusSource: Vogue

4. Patchwork Denim

Patchwork is a great way to use up old fabric scraps. We love this design that incorporates denim and fabric together!

Patchwork denim jacketSource: The Mindful Sewist

5. Embroidered Mesh Insert

This embroidered mesh insert looks complex but is actually simple. You cut out a window on the back of the jacket and sew in an embroidered mesh panel.

DIY jean jacket with embroidered mesh panelSource: Kicks by Ki

6. Bleached Denim

Bleaching denim is a great way to customize it! This is a rad bleach-dipped jean jacket.

DIY jean jacketSource: Rag to Swagg

7. Fringe Jean Jacket

Adding fringe to a jean jacket adds a country, rocker feel. Especially if you use rhinestone fringe!

rhinestone fringe jean jacketSource: 40 Monas

8. Acid Bleached Denim with Fringe

This DIY jean jacket combines acid bleached denim with a fringe. We love the combination!

acid bleach jean jacket with fringeSource: Sisu Denim Store

9. Open-Back Heart with Fringe

This is a cool take on fringe with an open-back heart window!

Back heartSource: Peddler’s Trunk

10. Beaded DIY Jean Jacket

Beading a jean jacket, (especially in a sweet geometric pattern) is an incredible way to upcycle!

Beaded jean jacketSource: Equal hands

11. Pearls

Pearls are the epitome of class! We love this jean jacket that combines pearls, fringe, embroidery, and crystals.

DIY jean jacket with pearlsSource: Morphine Fashion

12. Patches with Beading

Adding beading to patches is a great way to elevate the look and bring dimension. This look is out of this world!

patches with beadsSource: We heart it

13. Denim Feathers

These denim feathers are absolutely incredible! This is a great way to use up denim scraps and give them another life.

denim feathersSource: Instructables

14. Hooded with Pendleton Wool Patch

We love a great wool patch on a jean jacket and this hooded version is gorgeous!

Hooded jean jacket with patchSource: Rustic Fresh Designs

15. Denim Patch

Did you know you can make your own denim back patch? This insanely awesome version combines denim scraps with embroidery.

denim sunSource: Reddit

16. Embellished Jean Jacket with Lace, Patch, and Fringe

This DIY jean jacket shows a beautiful way to combine a patch, lace, and fringe.

DIY jean jacketSource: Wild and Free Jewelry

17. A-Cut High Back with Fringe

Cutting the back of the jacket into a high cut A and then adding fringe is an awesome way to add flair!

High back with fringeSource: Love Lounge Boutique

18. Denim Lace Kimono

This denim lace number is a lovely way to combine the looks of a jean jacket and a kimono.

Denim kimonoSource: Red Shed Garden

19. Denim Fringe

We love fringe on a jean jacket! Here’s a cool way to make the fringe from denim.

Denim FringeSource: Assemblage 333

20. Sequin Handpainted

This rocker-ready look combines sequins and hand painting.

sequin jean jacketSource: Wren Glory

21. Embroidered Flowers

These embroidered flowers are whimsical and wonderful!

embroidered flowersSource: DMC on Instagram

Which of these DIY jean jacket ideas is your favourite?

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What do you think?