Crate Coffee Table

This crate coffee table is that winning combination of gorgeous and functional. We love the beautiful wood and ample storage space. Even better is the fact that this baby is on casters for easy maneuvering!

crate coffee table

While we sure do love us some pallet coffee tables, perhaps your living room calls for something a bit smaller? This wine crate coffee table is just the thing to sort you out. It even has a groovy space in the middle for floral arrangements. The more functional user can stash TV remotes here instead and marvel at the ease of use.

To make:

  1. Stain your crates and allow them to dry.
  2. Build a frame for the base that you will secure the crates onto. Use two 1x2x6 boards and make a plus sign. Secure with two L shaped brackets as a border around the plus sign.
  3. Arrange your crates on the base with the crate opening facing outwards. Nail the crate to the wooden frame.
  4. Finish the hole in the middle with wood to fit.
  5. Screw the caster wheels onto place on the bottom of your new crate coffee table.
  6. Enjoy with good company.


Some users have expressed confusion at the construction of the base. We’ve now found a simpler alternative courtesy of Handimania.

Use a flat piece of plywood for the base the crates are adhered to. Secure the crates to the top of the plywood and the caster wheels to the bottom.

crate coffee table

To buy – The Article on Etsy
To make – Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects 
To make – Handimania


    • James J. Godfrey /Simply Pine Furniture

      wine crate sizes are 17 inches long by 13 3/4 wide by 9 3/4 high most woodworkers can build them easy

  1. vernonia1

    i am having a hard time figuring out how to make the “X” without one board being on top of the other & thus being uneven?? Help

    • Roberto Lleras

      You have to cut both boards where they cross each other taking out exactly half their width. This is not easy to do at home without an electric saw, I would advise using plywood instead

  2. Cory J

    I’m making one this week but going to build the crates myself from reclaimed barn wood I’ve acquired then make the table. Can’t wait.

  3. maddy

    where can you even find crates so beautiful? the ones we get from our grocery stores when we buy bulk are so much smaller, unrefined and full of splinters…not to mention no where near as beautiful a wood as this

          • judy

            This is a curated post so unfortunately we can’t help you out with that. If you’re looking for a simpler alternative construct the base from a flat piece of plywood. Drill the crates and caster wheels onto that. I’ve amended the post with a new image to illustrate.

  4. Rebecca

    Are the sizes of the crates 18 x 12.5 x 10? I would like to make it the same dimensions as this one and wasn’t sure if there are various sizes of crates that are made. Thank you

  5. Paula

    OMG. I need that rug in my life!!! any ideas where its from? or where to get a similar one…

    PS: the table is amazing.. I am in the process of recreating one in my home

  6. Misty Spears

    I just saw this on Pinterest and wanted to give it a try. I think it would make a fantastic outdoor coffee table so I plan to put something in the middle that grows well outside and use it on my back porch. Love this idea!

  7. Marci

    What size crates did you use? The ones I’m finding seem to small to me. Joann”s, even home depot are all 18 x 12.5 x 9.5.
    Please what size should the crates be in order to look like the one you made?

  8. Gerry Craswell

    I was inspired by this table, but rather than crates, I built it out of cherry and Peruvian walnut (for the strips to resemble the gaps between slats). The top is a single solid surface made of 32 pieces glued together. Turned out very nice, but took a very long time to complete! Not exactly consistent with the “up cycle” idea, but still a nice piece of furniture.

    • Gerry craswell

      I made a table something like this, except the top was made of cherry and walnut strips glued together and the rest was made if 3/4″ cherry Plywood. In the center “hole” I put holes with pins so the center piece could be set at any height. Most of the time we have a piece of Walnut flush with the top

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