Cork Planters

These cork planters are super sweet. They are easy to make and make awesome fridge magnets. We also think they’d make for great upcycled gifts. Got a wine or plant lover on your list? We’ve got you covered.

cork planters

These cork planter fridge magnets make for a quick and easy DIY. They’re simple to make  and only require wine corks, magnets, some soil and succulent clippings. For tools you will need a hot glue gun, a pairing knife and a screw driver. If you’ve been saving your wine corks for a special project then you will love these cork planters. If you are having a special bottle of wine be sure to set aside the cork and make a special memento from it in the form of a succulent cork planter!

Step 1. Assemble your corks and get out your pocket knife or kitchen paring knife. We recommend working over a box or newspaper to contain the cork carvings.

cork planter preparation

Step 2. Punch a hole in the cork with the head of a screwdriver.

punch a hole with a screwdriver

Step 3. Take the paring knife and wiggle it around, carving out a hole into your cork.

carve your cork planter

Carving tip – Your hole should go about halfway down the cork.

cork planters

Step 4. With a hot glue gun, affix magnets onto your corks.

glue gun

Step 5. Fill your mini cork planters with soil.

potting soil for cork planters

Step 6. Plant your succulent clippings into the cork planters.

succulent planters

Step 7. Place your new magnets onto the fridge and admire your new cork planters!

cork planter fridge magnets


    • judy

      Hi Hannah, yes they do live 🙂 I water mine by spritzing them with a water sprayer. Succulents need very little water so once a week or so is adequate.

        • Sara

          I have some of these in my window sill I drip water them until saturated every other week… They have been alive for almost a year and still going strong!

    • judy

      Hi Kristin, succulents are not very fussy. Just clip of a piece (I look for the new growth/off-shoots) and plant it in soil. More often then not it will grow 🙂

      • Kevin

        Succulents are pretty forgiving and love to be propagated. One thing to know is that it’s best to wait at least 24 hours between taking a cutting and planting it, which allows the cut to “callous” and not get infected when it’s planted. That being said, some will do fine going straight from a plant into the ground, particularly the “woodier” plants

  1. Tina

    This is great & I have lots of those plants so many that I give them away once they over grow the pots .. I want to start planting them in ugly fields lol .. But it gets 9n the 100’s in the summertime here in calif.

  2. Lily

    these are so cool. I’m making them for my mum at Christmas. thank you, thank you, thank you and merry Christmas. 🙂 <3

      • Mark

        Thanks Judy but what I meant was what could be an alternative for the plants? Could it be some fake flower tops? paperclip designs?

        I am really interested to know your ideas. I already have wine corks and would like to have my weekends more fruitful. 🙂

        • judy

          Hi Mark, absolutely, those ideas all sound great. some more options: cork magnet toothpick holders or try inserting an old marker lid to make the cork magnets friendly for fresh plant clippings 🙂

  3. mary lulfs

    Maybe an alternative to the fridge would be to put them in a framed piece of tin or metallic backing and hang them on a wall.

    • RiRi

      Thats adorable!
      I have filing cabinets in my room so I want to put some there where I can enjoy them most. 🙂 you could also put them on cabinets at work! I think I will do that one too… I better get more corks.

  4. chucklehounds

    These are great! Did you use any rooting hormone or pre-root them before planting? Fantastic way to keep live plants away from the animals! Also, would you share where you found the small round magnets? Thanks for posting – I see spring in our forecast this weekend!

  5. Daphne in Orange

    I knew there was a reason to keep all those corks! great idea. Also like putting a pen tip in for fresh.

  6. 2nd Funniest Thing

    Hi! Your amaizing idea has been featured on my top 5 DIY’s post of yesterday. Thanks for sharing <3

    • judy

      We used some red wine corks. Just put the stained end on the bottom. If you still don’t like it you can ask a restaurant for their corks 🙂

    • Daphne in Orange

      I also only drink red. It doesn’t really hurt the looks. I used the stained side up and it is just an accent to my little garden. Most hobby stores (Michael’s or Hobby Lobby) carry the corks. I bought a little pack of “Replacement Bottle Corks” at World Market. 6 corks were $1.99. Cheaper than the wine!

  7. Yolanda Guimarães

    Adorei a idéia de plantar as suculentas nas rolhas. Vou tentar fazer. Ficam lindos os enfeites. Muito grata pela sua geniosidade. Feliz Natal. Yolanda Guimarães.

  8. suzane galvan-manzano

    Very cool . So very cool. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for plants now. Wine corks, I’ve got lots of, I enjoy fruits of labor 🙂

  9. Mike

    Hi there, great project! We included your mini cork planters and a link to this post in a roundup of some of our favorite DIY wine crafts here: and while I haven’t yet completed this one, it’s on the list. Thanks for putting this together.

  10. Jessica

    I see above that you said it will last 6 months to a year in the cork. What visible signs will I see when they need to be replanted into a bigger pot? And how much water do you use when watering each? (like one spray of water per plant?) Do you spray the cork, or spray into the soil, or both? Do they not need to be by a window for light either? Thanks

    • judy

      Hi Jessica, succulents like natural light but not too much water. A few drops a week into the soil should suffice. If your plant starts toppling out of the cork then replant it.

  11. Kimberly

    These are adorable! My sister in law recently asked me to start a jade plant for her with clippings from one of my larger plants and this is the perfect gift idea to help her get her own little plant started!

  12. Jenn

    I just made one! took no more than 10 min. Only I didn’t use your method of carving. I stuck a fat drill bit in my power drill it was done in seconds. Super cute. Thanks for sharing

  13. Lez

    Love these! I am going to stick them with glue onto a rough piece of old wood, drill 2 holes in the top of the wood, attach a piece of rope & hang it on the wall!

  14. appleofmyirisIris

    These are great so far…I’m in the process of making some to give as wedding favors. Little tip- I drilled the holes in mine using my wireless drill and finished about 50 in half an hour.

  15. Dana Guyette

    Loved the idea, I have a garbage bag of corks I have been saving for about 20 years, just waiting for the perfect idea. I have 4 on my refrigerator along with a small perfume atomizer filled with water and I put a magnet on that too. My 10 year old loves to water them. My next project the back wall to the Bar area, I cant decide if I should cut them in 1/2 or use the whole cork???
    Dana G

  16. Jackie Deasy

    I started cleaning out my craft room and wondered what to do with a gallon size bag of corks. Hated to toss them. Your idea came at the perfect time! I love little things too!!

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