Concrete Molds

We’ve rounded up the coolest ideas for DIY concrete molds! The mold is the upcycled component in these concrete projects. Glass and plastic bottles can be repurposed to make concrete molds for planters, candle holders, vases and even pendant lights. Get inspired to upcycle with concrete!

concrete molds

Concrete Candle Holders

The recognizable shape of plastic water bottles makes for some really funky candle holders! Save plastic bottles to use as concrete molds. Mix up your concrete and pour into the bottles. Put a little cooking oil on the bottom of your candles and insert them into the neck of the mold. This creates the candle holder shape. Allow the concrete to dry for at least 24 hours and then pull out the candles. Cut the plastic bottles and peel them off the concrete candle holders.

concrete molds

Source: DIY Candy

Concrete Planter

This DIY concrete planter is simple and gorgeous. Repurpose tupperware and plastic takeaway containers as the concrete molds. The concept is simple, use 2 bowls and place the smaller one in the bigger one. Mix up the concrete and pour it into the larger bowl. Then place the smaller one where you’d like it and weigh it down with some rocks. We love the off-centre look of this minimalist planter.

concrete molds

Source: burkatron

Multi-faceted Concrete Vase

This concrete vase was made using a cool, multi-faceted water bottle from Norway! If you come across a special water bottle be sure to save it for a concrete mold. The technique is very similar to the one used for the concrete candle holder. Mix up the concrete, pour it into the water bottle and use a candlestick to reserve the space in the middle. Tap your concrete mold before the cement sets to minimize air bubbles.

concrete molds

Source: Nostalgie Cat

Chic Concrete Vases

These chic concrete vases can be made with either plastic or glass bottles as the concrete molds. Look for glass bottles with a wide mouth. For this project the reserved space can be made with pens or test tubes. The sweet marbling effect was made by using a mix of white and grey cement. We love the look of these gorgeous concrete vases, they look beautiful grouped in clusters!

concrete molds

To make these concrete vases, drill a hole in the cap of your bottle lid and nestle your pen/test tube there. Mix and pour the concrete into the bottle mold and add the cap with the pen/test tube. Tap the bottles to release air bubbles. Allow the concrete to harden for at least 24 hours for plastic bottle molds and 4-5 days for the glass ones. Break the glass off with gentle hammer taps and cut the plastic bottle away with an x-acto knife.

concrete molds

Source: Brit + Co

Concrete Pendant Lights

These concrete pendant lights are next level! 2 plastic bottles are used for the concrete molds. For this upcycling project you’ll also need a threaded tube and some nuts as well as a pendant light kit.

concrete molds

To make the concrete pendant light cut the bottom off of 2 plastic bottles. Drill holes through the plastic bottle caps and screw the metal tube through first the larger bottle and then the smaller one. Secure with nuts as you go. Add some screws to further attach the 2 bottles. Flip your mold upside down and fill with concrete. A tin can works well to hold the mold in place as it dries.

concrete molds

Once it’s dry you can cut the plastic bottles off and sand the concrete to make it smooth. Add the pendant wire kit and hang on a bracket.

Source: Buzzfeed DIY

Which of these concrete molds will you make first?


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