We go through a lot of cereal boxes at UT headquarters. And ever since our post on cereal box notebooks we’ve been looking at them a little differently. What else can be made with this handy and readily available material? How about some handy stationary holders? Fret not, we’ve found not 1, but 2 groovy stationary upcycle ideas using cereal boxes!

2 ways to upcycle cereal boxes

This hexagonal storage box takes its inspiration from Japanese stacking boxes. We think it would make an awesome desk organizer for little loose ends like paper clips, elastic bands, pins and the like. While its perhaps not the quickest upcycle, you’re sure to get lots of compliments on your ingenuity.

The cereal box pencil case on the other hand is a no brainer. If you’re not up for the challenge of the hexagonal stacking box you should definitely give this simple and sweet upcycle a go. This one would also be a fun project for kids, perhaps might even lessen the back to school woes.

Cereal boxes are awesome sources for cardboard. By following basic construction techniques and the templates you too can create these wicked stationary holders. The best part? Both of these cereal box upcycles come with pdf templates to use.

To make:

  1. Print out the template you are using
  2. Place it on your flattened cardboard box
  3. Trace around and cut out
  4. Follow the taping instructions to assemble your box or pencil case

Hexagonal stacking boxes: Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
Pencil case: Makezine

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