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Cork Ornaments

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! This time of year we love making holiday crafts. Are you looking for some awesome holiday crafts? We’ve got you covered. Cork ornaments are perfect for the holidays. Wine corks are such a fabulous upcycled material for crafting. They are so readily available and easy to work with! Here’s are┬ásome awesome cork ornament ideas.

cork ornaments - gnomes

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DIY Heart Stamps

With Valentine’s day right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about making your own Valentine’s day cards. No need to stress, these DIY heart stamps will make it easy to create Valentine’s cards for all the special people in your life. Grab some wine and champagne corks and let’s upcycle some DIY heart stamps!

diy heart stamps

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Halloween Spider Decorations

It feels like Halloween would not be complete without Halloween spider decorations. We decided to get super creative with these. Our spiders are made from wine corks and our spider web window displays are crafted from old windows. The hand spun spider webs are supported by loofah mesh! We love the results. Read further to find out how we did it.

Halloween spider decorations

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