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We love upcycled furniture and this upcycled nightstand is extraordinary! Once an old bathroom cabinet, it is reborn as a exceptionally beautiful nightstand with the addition of a laminated wood top, wood shop scraps and pallet-wood for feet.

To make your upcycled nightstand:

Step 1: Refurbish – The first step is to refurbish the cabinet you are working with. Clean it up, disinfect it and give it a fresh coat of paint.

Step 2: The top – The next step is to prepare your top for use. This particular nightstand uses scraps of old-growth pine that were glued together and sanded flush and smooth.

Step 3: Drawers – Take out the cabinet drawers and strike a centreline on the front face. Cut a pile of scraps to the correct width and strike a centreline along the tops. Align the centrelines of the scrap to the drawer front’s centreline. Glue and nail into place.

Step 4: The feet – These particular feet were cut with a bandsaw to get the angled cuts on all sides. Straight feet or other salvaged bits could also work. to make these ones de-nail a pallet, and then use a planer and table saw to square it up. Cut four 4″ pieces and then cut two angles on the same face with a bandsaw.

Step 5: Assemble – Now it’s time to assemble your nightstand. Pre-drill and screw in your feet, adding a bit of glue to help secure. Affix the top to the cabinet and put the drawers back in. Finish the piece with some varnish and admire your handiwork!

Source: wholman on Instructables

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