With New York Fashion week just over and Halloween around the corner we feel the time is right for a bit of upcycled costume inspiration. This mermaid tail was part of RUBY’s collection for last year’s South African Fashion Week. The collection was entitled: Waste not, want not.

upcycled costume inspiration

RUBY is a lingerie and jewellery line based in Cape Town, South Africa. You might remember reading previously about their upcycled coin collection. For the Waste not, want not collection, designer Robyn Lidsky created a unique range of upcycled jewellery and accessories from castoff bra rings, sliders and underwires.

Having been in the fashion industry for over 10 years, Robyn has experienced first hand the volume of fabric and trims made redundant by large corporations. With the Waste not, want not collection, Robyn is using her voice as a designer to express that unused trims need not be thrown away.

upcycled costume inspiration

We love that this collection bridges the gap between the 2 RUBY collections of lingerie and accessories. Robyn recently came across thousands of bra rings from a wasted larger production order. These are the rings that attach the bra strap elastic to the body fabric. While no longer usable for bras, Robyn thought they would make beautiful necklaces. The same kind of thinking is behind the giant circular earrings and neckpieces made out of obsolete bra underwires.

Having always had a secret desire to be a mermaid (or at least dress up as one), these mermaid tails are top of our list for pre-Halloween upcycled costume inspiration. We also think these bra underwire earrings and necklaces would make fabulous additions to any number of costumes. Think princess Jasmine, belly dancers and other similarly exotic costumes.

upcycled costume inspiration

If you’re feeling switched on from this upcycled costume inspiration, here is the DIY mermaid tail recipe from Robyn:

Take 15 recycled bra cups, 5 layers of tulle, satin ribbon, and add to that a needle and thread, sequins and a good sprinkling of imagination.

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