It’s December and officially time to start talking trees. Would you consider going with an upcycled Christmas tree this year? How about one as dramatically beautiful as this 16 metre tall plastic bottle tree made from 40,000 upcycled Sprite bottles.

upcycled christmas tree

The small town of Kaunas, Lithuania commissioned this gorgeous tree last year from local artist Jolanta Šmidtienė. Jolanta wanted to make a Christmas tree that was both beautiful and frugal. The stunning upcycled Christmas tree she created was fashioned from a series of half-spheres made from plastic bottles, connected with zip ties.

upcycled christmas tree

The upcycled Christmas tree was lit up at night and was a popular favourite in the competition marking Lithuania’s most beautiful Chrismas tree. Jolanta later went on to enter and win the Guiness World Record for tallest plastic bottle sculpture in the world.

upcycled christmas tree

This upcycled tree is a powerful reminder of the sorts of incredible things that can be created from supposedly useless objects.

Would you want to have an upcycled Christmas tree?

Source: Colossal

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  1. I loved the tree just as much as Lithuania… greatness is here for Lithuania my dears!


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