Why upcycle wood siding? Because reclaimed wood siding from abandoned buildings, home remodeling, or deconstruction still has plenty of residual value and lots of character! Upcycling wood siding is a more environmentally friendly option than buying new wood-based materials, and it keeps the old wood out of the scrapyard. Plus, reclaimed wood has a rustic patina that would be challenging, if not impossible, to achieve with fresh materials.

Common Siding Repair Issues

It is difficult to keep your home’s exterior appealing. Maintenance is a monumental task that requires a lot of hard work. 

The exterior siding of your home is one of the first things a visitor notices. Siding protects your home from the elements and also improves its appearance. However, although some parts can be mended, there are numerous common siding repair issues that can make restoration futile.

For example, with vinyl siding, temperature variations can warp it and cause it to crack. As for wood siding, moisture can cause it to become warped, rotten, and a hotbed for insects and pests. When the damage gets to a certain point, it is beyond repair and needs to be replaced. 

8 Creative Ways to Upcycle Wood Siding

Don’t throw away the old wood! Upcycle the siding panels you have had to replace instead of trashing them. You’re doing a favor to yourself and the planet too! Here are 8 creative ways to upcycle your wood siding:

1. Warm up a Wall with Wood Siding

reclaimed wood wallSource: Sanctuary Home Decor

Wood is a natural design element that brings a touch of nature to the home. Whether installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, reclaimed wood paneling adds visual appeal to a room. 

Each panel has a distinct grain pattern and tonal variation. You can create an authentic country home vibe by incorporating a wood-paneled wall or ceiling in the living room, dining room, or kitchen.

If you want to take the look even further, you can add a hanging door table!

2. Stair Treads Made From Reclaimed Wood Siding

Great home decor is a study in blending contrasts, especially when merging vintage and modern looks. The former seems to soften the latter’s harsher lines and materials. For example, reclaimed wood planks into stair treads add warmth to an otherwise cold metal cable stair rail.

Upcycled wood siding stairsSource: Real Antique Wood

3. Shelving Made from Upcycled Wood Siding

These imperfect slices of reclaimed wood function perfectly as shelves when set on L-brackets. Be sure to thoroughly clean and seal the reclaimed wood first!

wood shelvesSource: Hometalk

4. Reclaimed Wood Letters

Did you know that you can upcycle reclaimed wood siding to make pallet letters? These letters add a personal touch to any part of the house and give a fresh new look to your home’s interior. 

pallet wood letters

5. Bath and Beyond

A vanity cabinet made from old siding serves up a romantic, oceanside vibe. In a beach-inspired room, repurpose an old porcelain sink or wash tub atop a vanity made from dark wood siding for a more rustic look. Or, add a translucent aqua, blue, or green glass sink basin to the top of the cabinet for a modern touch. 

When matched with vintage doorknobs as a means of hanging bathroom essentials, several siding decks hung on the wall can also function as towel and robe racks.

bathroom vanitySource: Artt Zone

6. Reclaimed Flooring 

Reclaimed flooring is among the most stunning ways to showcase your reclaimed wood. Your flooring is the centerpiece of your home and one of the first things visitors notice when they walk in. 

Pay attention to what you see first the next time you go to someone’s house. The flooring is always at the top of the list since when you take off your shoes, you look down. Therefore, when designing your home, consider your flooring. Because reclaimed wood is so unique, and no two boards are alike, you can achieve a very individualized look that no one else can. It is also simple to maintain and is long-lasting, making it ideal for high-traffic areas such as entryways and kitchens.

reclaimed wood floorsSource: Olde Wood

7. Upcycle Wood Siding into a Bar

Real wood has a powerful influence on people’s moods. It makes people feel happier, less stressed, and more at ease. These are all characteristics you want to see in a bar or restaurant. You can reap all of these benefits and get extra style points by building the bar out of reclaimed wood. Combine the wood with some rustic or industrial-style bar stools to complete the look and attract the attention of everyone who walks in.

upcycle wood siding into a barSource: Blesser House

8. Furniture from Reclaimed Wood Siding

The final application for reclaimed wood is furniture. Reclaimed wood is extremely durable and simple to work with, making it ideal for construction. It can be used to make any type of furniture, but the most common are bed frames, side tables, headboards, and picture or mirror frames. There are no limits to what you can build with reclaimed wood when you use your creativity and get artistic!

reclaimed wood consoleSource: Odun’z

In Conclusion: Upcycling Wood Siding

In conclusion, before thinking about trashing old wood siding, think twice! You can get creative and repurpose your old siding in many ways to add interest and dimension to your home. 

Reclaimed wood can be used to complement contemporary materials like glass and steel. Use asymmetric pieces of wood siding on a kitchen counter or floor for an unusual design. 

Not only will you help the environment by upcycling reclaimed wood siding, but you’ll also be able to create new looks inside your home without spending that much!

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