The difference between upcycling and recycling has a lot to do with recognizing the potential in an object. While recycling involves extracting useful materials, upcycling is about taking a unwanted object and finding a new use for it. A success upcycle can be as much about what you add to an item, as what you take away.

These tin can lids are a great example of how adding something to an item can repurpose it in a new and exciting way. Created by Jack Bresnaham, these biodegradable, plastic lids turn everyday tin cans into useful household containers. Brenaham believes and we agree, “anything that ends up in a landfill is simply poor design.”

We think the brilliance of Bresnaham’s range of 9 interchangeable lids is in its simplicity. Tooth brush holder to vase, soap dispenser to desk organizer, any tin can is immediately transformed and repurposed, potential fulfilled.

Source: shelterpop

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