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RUBY: Pamper & Pout Upcycled Jewelry Giveaway!

You may recall the gorgeous upcycled jewelry brand, RUBY. This South African company is one of our favourite upcycled jewelry brands! We were honoured when RUBY invited Upcycle That’s Judy to participate in their latest campaign, Pamper & Pout.┬áThere were 6 bloggers featured and each was asked to pick an archetype to express. Ideas for archetypes included Siren, Mermaid, Grecian goddess etc. Judy chose a persona close to her heart, the Champion of Upcycling. To celebrate the campaign, RUBY wants to give away the gorgeous upcycled jewelry featured!

upcycled jewelry

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Plastic Bottle Necklace

This plastic bottle necklace is cool for a couple of reasons. It creatively utilizes a readily available material, and does it in a way that is totally on trend. Do you love statement necklaces and jewelry? If you said yes than this upcycle is for you.

plastic bottle necklace

But wait, there’s more!

Upcycled Costume Inspiration

With New York Fashion week just over and Halloween around the corner we feel the time is right for a bit of upcycled costume inspiration. This mermaid tail was part of RUBY’s collection for last year’s South African Fashion Week. The collection was entitled: Waste not, want not.

upcycled costume inspiration

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Coin Necklaces Giveaway

What could be cooler than discontinued coins coming back into circulation as stunning coin necklaces?! Feast your eyes on these gorgeous upcycled coin necklaces by RUBY. These trendy pieces are absolutely perfect for everyday wear. We love the idea of coin necklaces and are very excited to announce that these 5 beautiful pieces are up for grabs. Read on to find out how you can enter to win your favourite one in our new giveaway with RUBY.

coin necklaces

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