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Burlap Pumpkins

Why burlap pumpkins? Because October means pumpkin season. It’s the run up to Halloween and officially fall. This year we wanted to include pumpkins in our upcycled Halloween decor. We were super excited to think of burlap as the upcycled material to use!

burlap pumpkins

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Halloween Book Page Decor

What do you do with old books that are falling apart, yellowing and fragile? Sounds like the perfect material to use for creating Halloween book page decor. With a retired book, a printer and some vintage clip art you too can create awesome spooky decorations. Plus we’ll show you how to make this sweet Trick or Treat Halloween bunting!

halloween book page decorations

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Halloween Candy Holder

As part of our build up to Halloween we just knew we had to have an upcycled Halloween candy holder. We played around with a used plastic bottle and this Frankenstein candy holder emerged. This was a super fun upcycle to make and has gotten us even more excited about Halloween! Read on to find out how to make your own Halloween candy holder.

halloween candy holder

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Bat Treat Boxes

Here at Upcycle That we are major fans of Halloween. This holiday offers loads of opportunities for creative Halloween upcycles and even more opportunities for indulging in candy. These bat treat boxes bring it all together. They are an easy upcycle and a fun way to give and receive candy. Better yet kids will love getting involved, making this a great Halloween activity. Read on to find out how to make your own bat treat boxes for Halloween.

bat treat boxes

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Upcycled Costume Inspiration

With New York Fashion week just over and Halloween around the corner we feel the time is right for a bit of upcycled costume inspiration. This mermaid tail was part of RUBY’s collection for last year’s South African Fashion Week. The collection was entitled: Waste not, want not.

upcycled costume inspiration

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