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Plastic Bottle Bowling

We dare you to say these plastic bottle bowling pins are anything but the absolute cutest. What could be more fun then knocking down bowling pins in the form of little sumo wrestlers?! Here at Upcycle That we have an absolute soft spot for upcycled kids toys. We think they are functional and downright fun to make and play with. This upcycle comes together easily and is a great reuse of plastic bottles. The best part is that your little one will love helping you make these aadorable plastic bottle bowling pins.

plastic bottle bowling pins

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The Story Of: Plastic Bottle Dreams

This takes the cake for the most creative use of plastic bottles! Federico Blanc had a dream to paddle down Argentina’s Parana River on a kayak made of upcycled materials.¬†Using glue, dozens of plastic soda bottles and a vision for greatness, Blanc made this dream a reality.

But wait, there’s more!

Bottle Top Bag Sealer

Great upcycling idea! We’ve tried it and love it. All you need is an empty pop bottle.

To make: Cut off the top of the plastic bottle and thread your bag up through the inside of the spout. Pull the bag out over the top lip of the bottle. Then just screw on the bottle cap on to seal. Easy peasy!