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Dinosaur Snow Globes

What could be more merry than dinosaur snow globes?! In the run up to the holidays we wanted to make a really fun upcycle. After much experimentation we decided on Santa hat wearing, gold dinosaur snow globes. We smile every time that we look at them! They’d make a really sweet present and are great for adding festive cheer. Read on for the tutorial on how to make them.

Dinosaur Snow Globes | Upcycle That

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Make a Snow Globe

It was only recently that we even fathomed that you could make a snow globe. Who could even dream that something so festive and sparkly could be made from upcycled glass jars and trinkets? Martha Stewart, that’s who. But we made these bad boys ourselves and we’ll show you how to make your own magical snow globes.

make your own snow globes

But wait, there’s more!