Plastic Bottle Fish Sculptures

Imagine you were running along the beach and you came across 3 giant plastic bottle fish sculptures. What would you think? Well, if you were in Botofogo beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that’s just what you would see.

plastic bottle fish sculptures

The plastic bottle fish sculptures are made from salvaged plastic bottles. The installation was created for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, which happened earlier this year in June. Rio+20 is the short name for the event, named for the 1992 Earth Summit that took place 20 years ago in Rio. The Rio+20 sustainable development conference was centred around coming together internationally to build a sustainable future.

plastic bottle fish sculptures at night

With these plastic bottle fish sculptures the message is the medium. The installation was accompanied by a sign reading: recicle suas atitudes – recycle your attitude. 3 giant plastic fish sculptures on the beach highlighting plastic as an major oceanic pollutant. To draw even more attention the sculptures were lit up at night.

plastic bottle fish sculptures

What do you think about this installation?

Source: Twisted Sifter


  1. julia dudley

    I think its a crying shame on us stooppid humans that there are just so many plastic bottles in the sea in such a beautiful region of the planet. Bearing in mind all of the planet would be lush and beautiful f it weren’t for us stooopid humans. I hope it made a few people stop and think. Eradicate Ecocide – today..

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