It feels like ages since our last pallet post and that just isn’t right. So when we saw these pallet letters we really snapped to attention. Typography is huge in home decor at the moment and these pallet letters have a great aesthetic. We think they would make for a lovely addition to home decor for fall. Read on to find out how to make them for yourself.

pallet letters

How to make pallet letters

These pallet letters are what we would call a moderate level upcycle. To make them you will need: a jigsaw, nails, pallets boards or reclaimed wood, wood glue and a piece of plywood.

To begin dissemble the pallet by removing the boards. Then cut the boards down the middle so that your boards are approximately 2 1/2 inches wide. Use a piece of plywood around 18″ x 18″ and lay your pallet planks on top, arranging them so they rest side to side in a brick like manner. Once you are happy with your arrangement glue the boards onto the plywood using wood glue. Then secure the boards by nailing each one to the piece of plywood.

The next step is determining the font you’d like to use for your pallet letters. We recommend Helvetica or Arial for a classic look. Print out the letters you want to use and have them enlarged to 16″ at your local copy shop. Working with one letter at a time, cut out your letter and place it on top of your pallet wood board. Trace around your letter on the wood and then cut the shape out using a jigsaw. You will be cutting through the pallet wood and plywood at the same time.

pallet letters

Now you’re going to frame the cut letter with some more pallet wood. To do this measure and cut pieces to fit around your pallet letter’s edges. Depending on the letter you are doing you might have to angle the edges of some of the framing pieces. Once you are done cutting nail these boards into place.

To finish sand down your pallet letters. If you are putting your pallet letters outdoors be sure to seal them with polyurethane.

Source: Thistlewood Farms

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