This motorcycle lamp is super awesome. It features spare parts salvaged from Japanese motorcycles from the 70’s and 80’s. The parts are welded together in a really simple and elegant way. Pretty rad, especially for a motorcycle lamp that was designed on a whim!

motorcycle lamp

This motorcycle lamp was designed by Classified Moto, a motorcycle shop out of Richmond, Virginia. These guys are big fans of bringing discarded objects back to life. The shop makes motorcycles out of old and new components. Their bikes aren’t quite café racers or choppers. Nor are they bobbers, street trackers or rat bikes. They call it a Frankenstein combination, sounds pretty cool to us.

motorcycle lamp

Classified Moto was founded by John Ryland. He started doing Classified Moto full time in 2011 when he got laid off from an 11-year advertising job.

Staring an uncertain future in its scary face, I decided to roll the dice and turn my newfound love for motorcycles into a full-time job.

John loves that he gets to come to work and make cool stuff like these motorcycle lamps. The design features a salvaged motorcycle shock welded to a transmission gear, welded to a brake rotor. The vintage look is finished off with high quality Bakelite sockets.

motorcycle used in motorcycle lamp

These motorcycle lamps are made from real parts with thousands of miles on them. While the scratches, dings and dents add to the patina of the upcycled lamp, Classified Moto polish the finish up real nice! We love the idea of rescuing parts from the scrap heap and turning them into industrial home decor.

motorcycle lamp

The Classified Moto motorcycle lamp has been sent all over the world. The design has become so popular that they now make a standing floor model too. The standing motorcycle lamp has a shock at the top and a brake rotor and transmission gear as the base. Two brushed chrome fork tubes thread together in between.

motorcycle lamp

Source: Classified Moto

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