We’ve seen some amazing upcycled furniture, but this Mini Cooper chair takes it to the next level. Created from the front end of a classic black Mini Cooper, this chair is the ultimate pieces of gaming gear. It’s no ordinary gaming chair though, this is a Mini Cooper multimedia station.

mini cooper chair

Designed by David Gawthorpe, this Mini Cooper chair sold for £8,000. Wondering what justifies that hefty price tag? This gaming chair is also a music and cinema centre. There is an iPod dock, headphones and stereo sound speakers. The multimedia centre has a vibration pad specially formatted to react to movie scene sounds. Watching an action movie? Get ready to feel those bullets flying. It’s called the “Butt Kicker”.

This ultimate upcycled gamers chair also comes complete with a remote controlled smoke machine, Xbox, as well as 500 watt amplifier, strobe light and lasers. Importantly, there is also a fridge at the back for those thirsty strobe induced moments.

The alloy wheels fold out into additional seating for when company is over. When the chair isn’t in use you can just tuck the whole thing into the bonnet. How convenient.

Source: Gizmodo


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  1. That would have to be the ultimate in a boy’s toy!


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