Sealand make upcycled bags built to last a lifetime. Sealand is based in Cape Town, a dramatically beautiful city in South Africa where oceans and mountains vividly meet. The Sealand founders are passionate surfers who love the ocean and environment. Their incredible bags are upcycled from yacht sails, bedouin stretch tents and advertising billboard mesh.

Sealand | Mike Schlebach and Jasper Eales

Sealand was started by Mike Schlebach and Jasper Eales. Mike and Jasper are devoted surfers with an absolute passion for the great outdoors. Sealand gear is upcycled from sail cloth, stretch tent, truck tarps and advertising billboards. These bags are amazingly durable. Sealand back all their products with a lifetime guarantee. The Sealand motto is discover new paths. These bags just beg to be taken on adventures!

Sealand - Jolla Backpack

Mike and Jasper are driven by sustainability. Every single piece of material they salvage would have otherwise have ended up in the landfill. Sail clothes, stretch tents and truck tarps are made for durability. These are items that would take 100+ years to biodegrade. They make wonderful materials for high-performance bags!

Sealand - Dune Duffel Bag

Even the handles and straps on the Sealand bags were intercepted on their way to the landfill. This webbing was previously used to support one ton sugar bags. The Sealand crew collected, organized, washed and cut them. These sugar straps are now enjoying a second life on Sealand bags.

Sealand - Tommy Tote

We love how well-designed the Sealand gear is. Each bag is unique and has been thoughtfully handcrafted. The inside of the bags utilize in-store advertising banners. This material is soft to the touch but also highly durable and weather resistant. The functionality, combined with the exciting colours, patterns and lettering make it perfect for bag lining.

Sealand - Dune Duffel lining

The high-quality Sealand bags are all handmade. First the fabric for the bags is selected by Richmund and Bathembu in the cutting room. Each bag is then assembled with care by the team of talented seamstresses in the sewing studio.

Sealand - cutting room crew

We carry a great range of Sealand bags. The Dune Duffel Medium is the perfect mate for weekend adventures. It was upcycled from commercial stretch tent. We love the large separate pocket it has for damp/dirty items!

The Choob Medium is ideal for travel adventures. This one below was made from an upcycled yacht sail!

Sealand - Choob Duffel Bag

The small Dune Duffel is made from bedouin stretch tent. It has a great compact size, making it the ultimate gym or overnight bag.

The Tommy Tote is a simple and functional shoulder bag; perfect for work, college or running around town.

The Jolla is a tough and stylish backpack. It works great for adventures, school and everyday use.

We also have a beautiful range of Sealand Toastie Pouches. The Toastie has so many storage and usage options. It’s a great compact storage organizer for toiletries, stationary, tech hardware, GoPro accessories, or adventure tools.

Sealand pouches

We’re carrying small, medium and large Toasties. Here’s the range made from upcycled yacht sails:

The Toasties are super functional and durable! These Toasties were made from upcycled truck tarpaulin.

All of the Sealand products have a lifetime guarantee and include free worldwide shipping. Where will you take yours?