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Envelope Art

We believe that upcycling inspiration lies everywhere. This outstanding envelope art by Toronto-born, Brooklyn-based artist Sarah Nicole Phillips is an absolute testament to that. Have you ever noticed that the insides of envelopes contain various decorative patterns? For Sarah Nicole Phillips this was the inspiration she needed to start creating envelope art. While opening the mail at work, Phillips was struck by the various designs. She decided to start saving the used envelopes as a free art supply.

envelope art

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DIY Heart Stamps

With Valentine’s day right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about making your own Valentine’s day cards. No need to stress, these DIY heart stamps will make it easy to create Valentine’s cards for all the special people in your life. Grab some wine and champagne corks and let’s upcycle some DIY heart stamps!

diy heart stamps

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Top 5 Upcycled Gift Wrap Ideas

It seems this year everyone is getting into upcycled Christmas presents. From candy wrapper handbags to record bowls, there is an awesome upcycled gift for everyone on your list. Therefore the logical next step is upcycled gift wrap. Here are our top 5 upcycled gift wrap ideas that are beautiful and creative and yet won’t break the bank.

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Upcycled Gift Tags

This year we’re all about having an upcycled Christmas. Upcycled presents make the best gifts and there’s no better way to give your presents than with handmade upcycled gift tags. The best part? These gift tags are made from used cereal boxes!


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Upcycled Cassettes

Ever since we posted the upcycled cassettes turned pencil holder we’ve been been hankering to make one for ourselves. Simple yet effective, our desks were calling out for a little mix tape loving. Thankfully cassette tapes are readily available at flea markets and we were able to buy ourselves a whole box for next to nothing.

upcycled tape cassettes

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Cereal Box Upcycle – 2 Ways!

We go through a lot of cereal boxes at UT headquarters. And ever since our post on cereal box notebooks we’ve been looking at them a little differently. What else can be made with this handy and readily available material? How about some handy stationary holders? Fret not, we’ve found not 1, but 2 groovy stationary upcycle ideas using cereal boxes!

2 ways to upcycle cereal boxes

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