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Halloween Candy Holder

As part of our build up to Halloween we just knew we had to have an upcycled Halloween candy holder. We played around with a used plastic bottle and this Frankenstein candy holder emerged. This was a super fun upcycle to make and has gotten us even more excited about Halloween! Read on to find out how to make your own Halloween candy holder.

halloween candy holder

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Upcycled Safari Party + Giveaway!

Do you have little ones? Are you always on the lookout for creative themed birthday party ideas? If so you will go wild over this upcycled safari party. With giraffe paper towel rolls and camo toilet roll binoculars, everyone is sure to have fun spotting wildlife. Box Play for Kids is a really cool company that make eco-friendly stickers that repurpose commonly found boxes, cartons and tubes into new toys. They are sponsoring our latest giveaway, an upcycled safari party. Read on to find out how to win.

upcycled safari party
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Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder & Dinosaur Serving Dish

Who among us doesn’t love dinosaurs? Here at Upcycle That we have a lot of love for prehistoric creatures and dinosaur toys. Therefore we were thrilled to find an easy way to upcycle a dinosaur toy into a dinosaur toothbrush holder. Moments later we stumbled upon a dinosaur serving dish. So we have decided to share both. Without further ado, presenting 2 delightful ways to upcycle your dinosaur toys.

dinosaur toothbrush holder

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Plastic Bottle Bowling

We dare you to say these plastic bottle bowling pins are anything but the absolute cutest. What could be more fun then knocking down bowling pins in the form of little sumo wrestlers?! Here at Upcycle That we have an absolute soft spot for upcycled kids toys. We think they are functional and downright fun to make and play with. This upcycle comes together easily and is a great reuse of plastic bottles. The best part is that your little one will love helping you make these aadorable plastic bottle bowling pins.

plastic bottle bowling pins

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Bubble Blower

Summer is just around the corner in the Southern Hemisphere, but anytime is really a good time for a homemade bubble blower! This upcycled toy is easy to make and you likely already have the materials. Make your kids a bubble blower to play with outdoors or bring it inside for a new level of fun at bathtime!

bubble blower

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Top 5 Upcycled Halloween Costumes

Top 5 Upcycle Halloween Costumes


With Halloween right around the corner it’s time to get serious about upcycled halloween costumes. We have been searching high and low for halloween costume ideas that are fun to make and easy on the wallet. It’s with great pleasure that we present our top 5 upcycled halloween costumes.

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