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DIY Smartphone Projector

This DIY smartphone projector is a fun and quick project. It turns out that it’s easy to turn your phone into a digital projector. You just need a few materials and a bit of ingenuity. Better yet, the cost of this project is around $1. Read on to find out how to make your own DIY smartphone projector.

DIY smartphone projector

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Upcycled Vintage Door Beverage Bar

We are absolutely taken with this upcycled vintage door beverage bar! First and foremost it’s an awesome, functional use of an old door. Secondly, with it’s rustic chic aesthetic it’s just plain gorgeous. Perhaps though it’s the finishing touches that really get us; the handy hooks for dish towels and wine openers and the vintage bottle opener. For whichever reason, with summer right around the corner we can’t imagine who wouldn’t want to add one of these bad boys to their back yard or patio. Read on to find out how to make your own.


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Bubble Blower

Summer is just around the corner in the Southern Hemisphere, but anytime is really a good time for a homemade bubble blower! This upcycled toy is easy to make and you likely already have the materials. Make your kids a bubble blower to play with outdoors or bring it inside for a new level of fun at bathtime!

bubble blower

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Boom Cases

Mr. Simo makes high quality portable suitcase speakers. Inspired by flea markets in Sacramento, Mr. Simo’s boom cases are highly sought after.¬†These vintage suitcase boom boxes¬†are self powered portable stereo systems that last 10+ hours on a charge. They are compatible with any device with a headphone plug. Mr. Simo’s boom cases are undeniably brilliant, but being hands-on DIY types, you can imagine how excited we were to find a site dedicated to helping you build your own.

upcycled suitcase speakers

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