Happy Thrift Shop Day! Do you love thrift shopping as much as we do? Thrift shopping is a great way to find amazing deals and unique items. It’s also a great way to live a more sustainable lifestyle. However, it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide with our top tips on how to thrift shop like a pro!

Thrift Shop Like a Pro

How to Thrift Shop – When to Go

Our golden rule of thrift shopping is to go often. Thrift shop inventory turns over frequently, so you’ll find more success the more you go. Shoot for Mondays or Tuesdays. Most shops receive new items after the weekend. The day after a long weekend can also be prime, especially in the spring and summer when there are more garage sales. Be ready to shop when the season is changing over. This is when people love to purge. Hello spring cleaning! Also watch for sale signs at your local thrift shops. Some thrift shops have fill-a-bag days or special markdowns which are a real steal!

How to Thrift Shop

How to Thrift Shop – Where to Go

Be sure to check out thrift shops in higher-end neighborhoods. You can find amazing deals on furniture and designer labels. If you live in a city center, try taking a day trip out to a suburb. Prices are often lower than in the city and stores can be less picked over. Consider the demographics of neighborhoods when searching for specific items. Family-oriented neighborhoods will have a good selection of second hand items for your kids. While older, retired communities can have great vintage clothing, jewelery and antique items.

How to Thrift Shop

How to Thrift Shop – Things to Look For

Start with your list. Be organized and prepare a list if you are looking for specific items. Browse with your next upcycling projects in mind. Head to those sections first, it’s easy to get distracted in thrift shops!

How to Thrift Shop

We always check out the coat section for leather jackets. It’s important to check off-season too. You never know when you’ll find that gem! Check for labels and tags. Some items get donated without even being worn so you know it will last longer if it still has a tag or a designer label.

How to Thrift Shop

If you’re looking for T-shirts check out all the t-shirt areas. Men’s, women’s and even the kid’s section for larger sizes. You can find some great classic shirts in unexpected areas.

How to Thrift Shop - t-shirts

Give the kitchen section a browse. You can find great mugs and dish sets to stock a new kitchen for cheaper than Ikea. It’s fun to have quirky conversation pieces rather than the same things as everyone else. You can also get really great deals on small kitchen appliances and other electronics like blenders, juicers or even cake pop makers! Make sure to test the electronics before buying them.

How To Thrift Shop

Look at the potential in everything. Sometimes all you need is a coat of paint to bring a piece of furniture or picture frame back to life. But make sure you only buy things you love. Don’t just buy something because it has a low price. 

How to Thrift Shop

How To Thrift Shop – Other Thrifty Tips

Before heading out, check your closets for donations. It’s a good way to keep on top of hoarding tendencies and contribute to the cycle. Try making friends with the clerks at the store. They might be able to help you if there is a particular item you are on the look out for.  

How to Thrift Shop

Make it fun and take a friend! Everyone notices different things. A second set of eyes will help you find things you wouldn’t necessarily notice yourself.

How to Thrift Shop

Always wash items that you bring home. Unfortunately, not all items are washed before being donated. It’s good practice to wash everything before wearing or using it.

Get creative when you thrift shop. If you’re looking for fabric for a project, consider repurposing secondhand clothing!

How to Thrift Shop

We hope these thrift shopping tips have inspired you to go out and visit your local thrift shop. As we start to transition into the fall, now is the perfect time to put this guide to use!

How to Thrift Shop

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