We love upcycled art! We were especially excited to see this gorgeous fire bell art. We haven’t seen fire bells repurposed as art before, and the effect of these works is jaw-dropping! Read on to learn more about the inspiration behind this unique fire bell art.

fire bell art

We recently had the pleasure of seeing this incredible fire bell art on display at the Eastside Culture Crawl. The artist behind the pieces is Christina Norberg, an artist and illustrator who specializes in mixed-medium art. Christina paints stunning surreal and abstract botanicals and landscapes. She uses upcycled materials for her canvases.

fire bell art


Christina started painting and drawing on alternative surfaces while studying at the School of Contemporary Art at Simon Fraser University. She’s always loved turning trash to treasure. As a child she enjoyed making her own doll houses out of shoe boxes.

As an upcycle-based artist, Christina finds there is an abundance of material to work with.

People know that I like to use found materials, so I often have things offered to me.

These fire bells came to her via her husband, who is an industrial electrician. He found 42 that had come from buildings whose alarm systems were being upgraded. Knowing that Christina would love them, he brought them home for her.

fire bell art

Fire bell art inspiration

Living in Vancouver, B.C. Christina feels deeply connected to both the city and the wilderness. Christina draws much inspiration from the places where everything intersects. She focuses on the tension between the digital/modern world with the sustainable and natural.


Christina offers the following advice to fellow upcyclers:

Let everyone you know about the type of materials you are looking for. Other people are more than happy to pass material on to see it upcycled, rather than see it go into the garbage. You will be amazed how much begins to come to you.

We love Christina’s beautiful art and her creative use of fire bells! Click here to see more of her work.

3 Thoughts on Fire Bell Art

  1. She did a marvel of a job to upcycle these fire bells. It is so unique and easy on the eye.
    Her talent hasn’t been seen enough and maybe she will get the notiriety she is looking for and deserves.
    God bless!
    Keep at it….

  2. Seriously stunning unique and classy. Definitely will take off as its so original. I love the delicate detail and how each piece leads the eye to the next.

    Tremendous talent hope you have super success!

  3. What a creative idea way to paint. She’s really talented. I’d love to try this as decor in my own home. Although I’m not a wonderful painter…maybe some decoupage or a template though. Thanks for sharing her work!


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