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These magical cardboard owls are all dressed up for Halloween! Make some of your own to decorate your space in the most bewitching manner.

cardboard owls

Why cardboard owls you may ask, to that we say why not? When I was little my mom used to tell a story about an owl named Whoot. Whoot was an owl on a poster board and the magical thing about him what that over the course of the night, he would move from his place on one wall in the bedroom to the other. Now these cardboard owls are slightly different, but just watch how they make your cardboard recycling disappear!

To make:

Cut long strips of cardboard and roll into a big circle for the stomach and 2 smaller circles for the eyes. Use your creative discretion to cut out arms and eyebrows. Roll a triangular piece for the nose or upcycle some odds and ends. Glue the pieces together and glue on beads for the eyes. For the witch hat paint some cardboard black, allow to dry, roll into a triangle and glue to a circular base.

Note: The witch hat is optional but entirely necessary for the season.

Source: Altered Perception on Etsy

15 Thoughts on Cardboard Owls for Halloween

  1. I absolutely love these. I’m all about recycled crafts that are actually cute!

  2. Brilliant I love these

  3. This idea is so super cool & creative! I LOVE it!

  4. Wish the instructions were more detailed. Really cute though.

  5. Beautiful !! Thank you

  6. I’m the Editorial Assistant for Fun Family Crafts and I wanted to let you know that we have featured your awesome owl project! You can see it here:


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  7. What kind of cardboard is that and where do I get it?

    • Hi Sherri, to get this effect use corrugated cardboard. One tip is to ask at your local grocery store if they have boxes to giveaway (many will), then just look for a nice corrugated one.

  8. LOVE THIS! But “nose” and “arms”??? Try “beak” and “wing”, hee hee. Seriously, I love this and may do it with my son’s class.

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  10. I just made this during my lunch hour at work. It was easy and everyone loved it.

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