Here’s something we haven’t thought of before, what happens to old espresso machines? Willem Heeffer has turned them into absolutely stunning boiler lamps! We love the industrial chic look of this collection. Read on to find out more about these awesome pendants and floor lamps.

Boiler Lamps

Willem Heeffer is a Dutch designer based in Helsinki, Finland. We have previously featured his cool washing drum lights and Heinz Beanz Can Pendants. This boiler lamp collection is a collaboration with the Paulig coffee factory. The pendants and floor lamps are made out of boilers from discarded coffee machines. After 10 years of producing espresso, the boilers are transformed into gorgeous boiler lamps!

Boiler Lamps

Looking at the beautiful finished product, it’s hard to imagine that these upcycled lamps were once boilers from old espresso machines.

Boiler Lamps - Before

To transform these copper boilers into lamps, Heeffer matte powder coats the exterior. This contrasts beautifully with the shimmering copper interior. The brass nuts and bolts used are also reused from the coffee machines. Once complete, each lamp is tagged with the name and serial number of the machine they came from. These boiler lamps ooze industrial cool. The Paulig factory agrees. The first batch of boiler lamps were hardly complete when the Paulig factory purchased them!

Boiler Lamps

The Boiler Lamp collection is the first element of Willem Heeffer’s new project, The City as a Mine. Working in his home town of Helsinki, Heeffer is exploring various uses for unwanted factory items.  The result will be a series of interior objects. Heeffer will also create an extensive catalogue of industrial waste materials. The completed project will include information about the items production and properties. Willem Heeffer hopes to inspire a larger movement of turning trash into treasure. We like your style Willem Heeffer!

Boiler Lamps | Willem Heeffer

Source: Willem Heeffer

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