This year marks the 37th Anniversary Of Atari’s Breakout Game. In 1977 Atari made waves by brining TV games into every living room with its 2600 models. With Google celebrating it today with a hidden game in Google Image Search we figured it’s a great time to feature this gadget Upcycle by Peter Morris from the UK.


Back in the day they figured an electronic appliance should resemble a piece of furniture and thus the nickname “woody”. They were hugely popular and pretty much kicked off the console game revolution.


The Atari Dock is an app-enhanced (fancy) stereo speaker that’s bursting with sound. The digital amplifier means the speaker effortlessly produces low resonance sounds, crystal-clear acoustics and thumping bass. With the addition of 6 EQ settings, FM radio and app-enhanced technology, it offers a great combination of sound and features to effortlessly fill your room with music.


Use the Atari Dock with any music player with a 3.5mm jack. Enjoy your favourite music, movies or games from a Smartphone, MP3 player, Tablet or Laptop by connecting a 3.5mm audio cable into the line-in port.

Good news is that the unit is for sale and will make a great gift for any nostalgic gamer. As Peter rightfully says “a thing of vintage geek beauty”. For more info check out Peter on Etsy. If you were curious to check out the Google Image Breakout game then head over to Google Images and just search for “atari breakout”.


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