Hello! We are Upcycle That and we love Upcycling! We curate and create the best upcycling ideas and upcycling projects. Why? Because Upcycling is a great way to reuse materials and reduce our footprint. Look through our menus and browse by materials or end uses. To learn more about upcycling check out our about page. Get ready to think about that box of unused items a little differently.

Home Renovations – Top Money-Saving Tips

When it comes to home renovations, spending can easily spiral out of hand if you’re not attentive. However, with careful preparation and comprehensive research, you can potentially save a substantial sum of money on your renovation. The following creative money-saving ideas will help you complete an exceptional remodel without breaking the bank. Source: Photo by …

Home Decor Craft Projects – Top 5 Ideas

Try these home decor craft projects to freshen up your home! If you want to give your living space a more personal touch, perhaps it’s time to break out of the mold and try DIY home decor. DIY-ing craft projects for the home is not just a cost-effective way to decorate your space and make …

Easter Decoration Ideas

These Easter decoration ideas are a fun way to express your creativity and showcase your style and a tradition to kick in the Easter spirit. What better way to get in a festive mood than to decorate your home? Whether you prefer traditional Easter decor or something more modern and trendy, there are plenty of …

Upcycled Garden – 5 Ideas!

There are plenty of things around the house that you can use for your upcycled garden. Upcycling reduces waste and makes your garden more lovely. From reusing food packaging to start your seedlings to decorating your fence or repurposing household items as planters, here are some great ideas to give used items a second life …

Upcycling Your Parents’ Old Things After Their Passing

A parent’s death is devastating for a child, even if they are grown up. Most people think that the worst is over when they lay their parents to rest. However, taking care of the assets and other mementos they left is a tough job. Is it worth upcycling your parents’ old things? As a child …

Upcycle Jute – 5 Ways!

Why upcycle jute? When your home is starting to get cluttered with more jute and hessian bags than you can count, you know it’s time to remediate the issue. Fortunately, you can repurpose them into something else. Here are 5 ways to upcycle jute.

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