Folding Desk

It’s no surprise how much we love pallets around here. That’s why we were so excited to find this folding desk made from a pallet! This is such a brilliant idea for a small space requiring a desk. It offers great storage and once closed only takes up the width of the pallet on the wall. Better yet, you don’t need to dissemble the pallet to make it. This is upcycled furniture at it’s finest!

folding desk

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Trinket Candlesticks

We really love market, secondhand and thrift shop hunting. It’s amazing what you can create with a small outlay of money and a bit of creativity. These trinket candlesticks are a perfect example. By combining cute, kitschy pieces with discarded candlestick bases you too can make some fun, statement candlesticks. In fact if you look hard enough in your garage you might even find that you already have everything required to make them.

trinket candlesticks

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Tin Can Lighting

We’ve long been of the opinion that the Heinz bean can label is an iconic design. You can imagine then how excited we were to learn that Dutch designer Willem Heeffer has been transforming Heinz been cans into tin can lighting!

tin can lighting

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Toy Soldier Bookends

Here at UT we love creative upcycled bookeds. These toy soldier bookends tick all the boxes. They’re quirky and cool and put discarded toys to great use. The best part is that you could use any action figures or plastic dolls. Get imaginative and get ready to upcycle.

toy soldier bookends

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Coconut Planter

Have you ever been to South East Asia? More pressingly, have you ever had a young Thai coconut? If you haven’t, the time is now. If the sweet delicious juice and flesh wasn’t enough to tempt you, think of this, we have an awesome suggestion for what to do with the finished coconut. Make a rad hanging coconut planter!

coconut planter

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Cube Cardboard Lamp

These days we can’t seem to get enough ambient lighting. That’s why we were thrilled when Linda Rose from Italy shared her cube cardboard light with us. Made from corrugated cardboard, this upcycle highlights cardboard in a really beautiful and interesting way. Find out how to make one for yourself.

cube cardboard lamp

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LUMI Wine Wall

Behold the LUMI wine wall, easily one of the most gorgeous wine displays we’ve ever seen. The LUMI wine wall is the invention of Dale Rorabaugh of Sonoma County, California. Dale and his wife Lorraine make their own wine and wanted to find a way to repurpose retired wine barrels. Inspired by the gorgeous natural arch of the wine barrel staves, Dale thought to transform them into wall mounted wine holders. A completely harmonious upcycle, what once held wine holds wine again.

lumi wine wall

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