Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder & Dinosaur Serving Dish

Who among us doesn’t love dinosaurs? Here at Upcycle That we have a lot of love for prehistoric creatures and dinosaur toys. Therefore we were thrilled to find an easy way to upcycle a dinosaur toy into a dinosaur toothbrush holder. Moments later we stumbled upon a dinosaur serving dish. So we have decided to share both. Without further ado, presenting 2 delightful ways to upcycle your dinosaur toys.

dinosaur toothbrush holder

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Coin Necklaces Giveaway

What could be cooler than discontinued coins coming back into circulation as stunning coin necklaces?! Feast your eyes on these gorgeous upcycled coin necklaces by RUBY. These trendy pieces are absolutely perfect for everyday wear. We love the idea of coin necklaces and are very excited to announce that these 5 beautiful pieces are up for grabs. Read on to find out how you can enter to win your favourite one in our new giveaway with RUBY.

coin necklaces

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Filing Cabinet Upcycle – 2 ways!

It seems like most people could do with some extra storage. That’s why we were so excited to find not just 1, but 2 ways to pull off a functional filing cabinet upcycle. Whether you’re after more counter space for your kitchen, or increased storage for your bedroom, an old filing cabinet can do just the trick. You’re just a few steps away from extra storage space. Presenting to you filing cabinet upcycle – 2 ways!

filing cabinet upcycle

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Fizzy Bottle Roof Project

Have you ever dreamed of living in Snow White’s cottage? How about an upcycled version of Snow White’s cottage? Meet the fizzy bottle roof project. This whimsical cottage was a community project completed by the community of Merton Abbey in London.

fizzy bottle roof project

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Folding Desk

It’s no surprise how much we love pallets around here. That’s why we were so excited to find this folding desk made from a pallet! This is such a brilliant idea for a small space requiring a desk. It offers great storage and once closed only takes up the width of the pallet on the wall. Better yet, you don’t need to dissemble the pallet to make it. This is upcycled furniture at it’s finest!

folding desk

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Trinket Candlesticks

We really love market, secondhand and thrift shop hunting. It’s amazing what you can create with a small outlay of money and a bit of creativity. These trinket candlesticks are a perfect example. By combining cute, kitschy pieces with discarded candlestick bases you too can make some fun, statement candlesticks. In fact if you look hard enough in your garage you might even find that you already have everything required to make them.

trinket candlesticks

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