Bat Treat Boxes

Here at Upcycle That we are major fans of Halloween. This holiday offers loads of opportunities for creative Halloween upcycles and even more opportunities for indulging in candy. These bat treat boxes bring it all together. They are an easy upcycle and a fun way to give and receive candy. Better yet kids will love getting involved, making this a great Halloween activity. Read on to find out how to make your own bat treat boxes for Halloween.

bat treat boxes

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Plastic Bottle Necklace

This plastic bottle necklace is cool for a couple of reasons. It creatively utilizes a readily available material, and does it in a way that is totally on trend. Do you love statement necklaces and jewelry? If you said yes than this upcycle is for you.

plastic bottle necklace

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Railroad Upcycles

One of the best things about upcycling is that it can preserve items rich with history. These railroad upcycles from Rail Yard Studios are a great example of that. Made from rails worn from use and retired from service, this custom line recalls an age gone by.

railroad upcycles

The story behind Rail Yard Studios

The team behind Rail Yard Studios are father-son duo Jim and Robert Hendrick. Jim has had a lifelong passion for carpentry and instilled the same love in his son Robert. Robert studied industrial design and developed an appreciation for the efficiency of rail during years spent in Europe. Upon returning home to Tennessee, Robert decided to purchase a railroad contracting company involved with railroad construction and maintenance. It was almost inevitable that the pair would get involved with railroad upcycles.

railroad upcycles

Rail must be taken out of service when it is too worn down to be relayed. Robert started seeing century old rails with names like Carnegie, Bethlehem, Illinois and Tennessee being sold for scrap. Some of the rails were emblazoned with dates as early as 1899.

railroad upcycles

With a desire to preserve history and some slow days on the line, Jim and Robert began experimenting with furniture design. The resulting railroad upcycles are more than just functional, they effectively serve as uniquely crafted works of art.

Most of the railroad upcycles made by Rail Yard Studios are custom built. The historical, century-old railroad steel comes mainly from track renovations in the southeastern U.S.  The hardwood timbers are sourced from suppliers as rejects. While the bark seams and knots might be undesirable to suppliers, for Jim and Robert they are viewed as incredible natural design features.

railroad upcycles

Rail Yard Studios are always looking to add new products to their range. Although they started with large upcycled furniture pieces like desks and tables, their most popular pieces now include smaller items such as the Rail Yard wine racks.

railroad upcycles

We think that these railroad upcycles are awesome. The history of the rails and industrial chic style of design are majorly appealing to us. We’d love to have one of these pieces in our home, would you want to have one in yours?

Source: Rail Yard Studios

Upcycled Costume Inspiration

With New York Fashion week just over and Halloween around the corner we feel the time is right for a bit of upcycled costume inspiration. This mermaid tail was part of RUBY’s collection for last year’s South African Fashion Week. The collection was entitled: Waste not, want not.

upcycled costume inspiration

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Pallet Letters

It feels like ages since our last pallet post and that just isn’t right. So when we saw these pallet letters we really snapped to attention. Typography is huge in home decor at the moment and these pallet letters have a great aesthetic. We think they would make for a lovely addition to home decor for fall. Read on to find out how to make them for yourself.

pallet letters

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Upcycled Safari Party + Giveaway!

Do you have little ones? Are you always on the lookout for creative themed birthday party ideas? If so you will go wild over this upcycled safari party. With giraffe paper towel rolls and camo toilet roll binoculars, everyone is sure to have fun spotting wildlife. Box Play for Kids is a really cool company that make eco-friendly stickers that repurpose commonly found boxes, cartons and tubes into new toys. They are sponsoring our latest giveaway, an upcycled safari party. Read on to find out how to win.

upcycled safari party
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