Vancouver’s Ultimate Upcycling Challenge

Vancouver is taking upcycling to the main stage with the Ultimate Upcycling Challenge at this year’s Home + Design Show. Five of British Columbia’s top design and decor bloggers have been challenged to upcycle an item from Habitat for Humanity’s Restore. 

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Upcycled Nightstand

We love upcycled furniture and this upcycled nightstand is extraordinary! Once an old bathroom cabinet, it is reborn as a exceptionally beautiful nightstand with the addition of a laminated wood top, wood shop scraps and pallet-wood for feet.

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Upcycled Halloween Decorations

We love Halloween and are officially planning for it. To kick off October we present two awesome ideas for upcycled Halloween decorations. Rather than spending a bundle on Halloween decorations why not give upcycled Halloween decorations a go? These ghostly decorations are easy to make and look great!

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Upcycled Cassettes

Ever since we posted the upcycled cassettes turned pencil holder we’ve been been hankering to make one for ourselves. Simple yet effective, our desks were calling out for a little mix tape loving. Thankfully cassette tapes are readily available at flea markets and we were able to buy ourselves a whole box for next to nothing.

upcycled tape cassettes

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Home Décor with 30,000 Plastic Bottle Caps

What do you do with your plastic bottle caps? Do you recycle them or try to repurpose them in some way? What could this tiny keeper of bubbles possibly be upcyled into? In our first post to feature plastic bottle caps we think that Russian pensioner Olga Kostina has found not only the perfect solution, but also an aesthetically pleasing one.

decorating with plastic bottle lids

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