Opposite the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Cape Town is Katie Thompson’s delightful store Recreate. Recreate is an upcycler’s dream. It’s filled with gorgeous repurposed suitcase chairs, milk bottle lamps, clocks, bucket stools and ottoman tubs.

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Plastic Bottle Flowers

Some see discarded plastic bottles, others see plastic bottle flowers that can be used to create dramatically beautiful curtains, light fixtures and room dividers.

plastic bottle flowers

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Upcycled Can Planters

We made upcycled can planters from empty BOS Ice Tea cans. BOS Ice Tea is a South African ice tea company and have sustainability as one of their core beliefs. BOS plants 1 tree for every 2000 cans sold to offset their carbon footprint. We thought the beautiful cans would make for awesome kitchen herb planters. Learn how we safely removed the top of the cans to do so.

upcycled can planters

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No closet, no problem – upcycled closet solutions

Sometimes you just need clever closet solutions. We’ve all been there, you find a great place, room, apartment but the closet is sorely lacking. What to do? No closet? No problem. Here are some of our favourite upcycled closet solutions.

upcycled closet solutions

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Functional Fashion: Upcycled Dress from Telephone Directories

Telephone directories are probably one of the biggest wastes of paper and yet, even with the advent of the internet, these books are still being printed and discarded. Mid-west American artist, Kelly Murray, also known as Jolis Poans, thought otherwise with this functional upcycled dress.

upcycled paper dress

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