Make a Snow Globe

It was only recently that we even fathomed that you could make a snow globe. Who could even dream that something so festive and sparkly could be made from upcycled glass jars and trinkets? Martha Stewart, that’s who. But we made these bad boys ourselves and we’ll show you how to make your own magical snow globes.

make your own snow globes

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Top 5 Upcycled Gift Wrap Ideas

It seems this year everyone is getting into upcycled Christmas presents. From candy wrapper handbags to record bowls, there is an awesome upcycled gift for everyone on your list. Therefore the logical next step is upcycled gift wrap. Here are our top 5 upcycled gift wrap ideas that are beautiful and creative and yet won’t break the bank.

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Upcycled Gift Tags

This year we’re all about having an upcycled Christmas. Upcycled presents make the best gifts and there’s no better way to give your presents than with handmade upcycled gift tags. The best part? These gift tags are made from used cereal boxes!


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Record Bowls

From the moment we first laid eyes on record bowls we were intrigued. These babies have it all: reusability, retro feel and straight up style. We had to find out how to make them. It turns out record bowls are super easy to make. If you have a music aficionado on your Christmas list, or anyone who loves funky cool decor, take note.

record bowls

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Upcycled Christmas Tree

It’s December and officially time to start talking trees. Would you consider going with an upcycled Christmas tree this year? How about one as dramatically beautiful as this 16 metre tall plastic bottle tree made from 40,000 upcycled Sprite bottles.

upcycled christmas tree

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