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Wire Pendant Light Tutorial

Do you have any ugly old lampshades lying around? If so, this wire pendant light tutorial is perfect for you. It’s an awesome way to turn unwanted lampshades into trendy wire pendant lights! The best part is that it’s super easy. Read on to find out how to make these cool upcycled pendant lights.

wire pendant light

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Chiquita Chandelier

The dramatic Chiquita chandelier by Dutch designer Anneke Jakobs is a brilliant upcycled piece. Made from 29 used Chiquita banana boxes and 300 paper fasteners, this upcycled chandelier is creative and fun. The best part? Anneke Jakobs has released open source plans so that you too can create your own Chiquita chandelier.


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Egg Carton Flower Lights

We are presenting these egg carton flower lights by popular request! Making them is a fun, easy process requiring not much more than a string of lights, a few egg cartons and some paint. While simple to make, these egg carton flowers can dramatically dress up a plain set of Christmas lights. Read on to find out how to make your own.


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Tin Can Lighting

We’ve long been of the opinion that the Heinz bean can label is an iconic design. You can imagine then how excited we were to learn that Dutch designer Willem Heeffer has been transforming Heinz been cans into tin can lighting!

tin can lighting

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Cube Cardboard Lamp

These days we can’t seem to get enough ambient lighting. That’s why we were thrilled when Linda Rose from Italy shared her cube cardboard light with us. Made from corrugated cardboard, this upcycle highlights cardboard in a really beautiful and interesting way. Find out how to make one for yourself.

cube cardboard lamp

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Plastic Bottle Flowers

Some see discarded plastic bottles, others see plastic bottle flowers that can be used to create dramatically beautiful curtains, light fixtures and room dividers.

plastic bottle flowers

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