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Glass Bottle and Wood Vase

We love upcycles of all different materials, but glass and wood are two of our favourites. It should come as no surprise that we absolutely adore this glass bottle and wood vase! The design is simple and easy to replicate, and it’s a perfect use for those glass bottles you’ve been collecting.

glass bottle and wood vase

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Burlap Pumpkins

Why burlap pumpkins? Because October means pumpkin season. It’s the run up to Halloween and officially fall. This year we wanted to include pumpkins in our upcycled Halloween decor. We were super excited to think of burlap as the upcycled material to use!

burlap pumpkins

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Cat Planter Pot

This cat planter pot is absolutely adorable. We love that it uses readily-available plastic soda bottles and that the foot of the bottle is incorporated into the design. This upcycle makes for a great DIY project. Look no further if you’re looking to add a sweet touch of green to your home.

cat planter pot

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Succulent Display

It was really only a matter of time until we made this succulent display wall. You see, we just adore succulents. We also have a gallery grid display wall that we like to update frequently. You could say the combination of the 2 was inevitable. Like the look? Read on to find out how to make your own succulent display.

succulent display

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Birdcage Planter

Do you love succulents as much as we do? If so, odds are you will love this birdcage planter. This birdcage planter makes for an easy upcycle. With little more than succulents, a birdcage and soil you can add a splash of greenery to your home or garden. Find out how to make your own birdcage planter!

Birdcage Planter | Upcycle That

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Stretcher Print

We’d like to introduce you to an awesome new upcycled innovation, the Stretcher Print. The Stretcher Print is a photographic wall art made with a soft, felt-like material. Incredibly, this Stretcher material is composed of 100% upcycled plastic bottles! This fantastic innovation is a current Kickstarter project. Read on to find out more.

stretcher print

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From Upcycling to a New Consumerism

The strange thing about normal everyday consumerism, and Capitalism too, is its unreasonable, voluntary ignorance about the fact that this planet probably cannot support endless economic growth. That is also the expanding production, sale, and ownership of material things. We're talking about real objects, which take up space, and require raw materials to make — could it continue forever?

See Trash in Many Ways

We may end up splitting from earth for a millenia, and leaving behind robots like Wall-e to clean up our mess. Or, present landfill methods may get extremely advanced. Maybe incinerators powerful enough to burn and not emit pollution will be invented.

The mounting trash problem could be this century's most challenging and even most interesting dilemma for the human race. If one side of the problem is simply dealing with the trash, the flip side is not producing as much (or any) of it. Would it be possible for people to lose interest in buying, consuming, and throwing things away? What new habits could replace this?

So, one part of the solution is very elegant if it is just a new understanding and appreciation of things, products, objects. Perhaps the new 'meme' will be something like the following (can you imagine what this would do to Capitalism?).

If you buy something,

you cannot 'throw' it away;

you must upcycle that thing,

then recycle or destroy it.



Unnecessary Things Made into Games



Pretty much undeniably, we need to think outside the box that consumerism and the politics of economic growth have got us into. That may mean accepting strange new solutions — embracing answers that either don't seem like answers, or, would not seem effective enough as solutions.


However, we may not have a choice other than massive acceptance of new behaviors like upcycling. It used to be (a couple centuries ago, only!) that every family 'mended' its breaches and socks, so to speak. Every object started as a high-quality object, crafted by a master of that kind of thing — and as such, it could be repaired, reused, retooled or upcycled indefinitely.


Many physical things are getting moved online, and in some cases this cleans up enormous causes of waste, pollution, traffic, energy expenditures and so on. The Web is devouring many kinds of objects, actually.

For example (intentionally this is an extreme example), land-based casinos including their monstrous parking lots and huge warehouse-sized rooms full of slot machines, have already been made obsolete by tablet casinos — so you see, some solutions may seem beguiling at first glance!

Light Bulb Decorations

These light bulb decorations are perfect for Christmas. The shape looks divine on a tree and the metallic silver is quite glamourous. We’re sure that everyone can find a burnt out light bulb or 2 lying around. Grab them, some spray paint and let’s get upcycling!

light bulb decorations

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Best DIY Advent Calendars

Can you believe that it’s almost December? We’re getting excited to do some holiday upcycling and thought we’d kick it off with the top 5 best DIY advent calendars. Advent calendars are fun to make and receive and really build excitement up to Christmas. We’ve made one using muffin pans but also want to share some great ideas using clothespins, matchbooks, tin cans and newspaper. Read on to see our list of top 5 best DIY advent calendars.

best DIY advent calendars

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