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Tennis Racket Art

There’s something quite beautiful about the look of vintage tennis rackets. This upcycled tennis racket art by South African upcycler Danielle Clough is just brilliant. Danielle uses old tennis rackets as a canvas for her embroidered art.

Tennis Rack Art

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Bottle Cap Portraits

When you look at bottle caps what do you see? Mike Valle sees the potential for art. We think his bottle cap portraits are awesome! His upcycling takes a material that most people consider trash, and transforms it into a colourful art medium.

bottle cap portraits

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Cutlery Art

Matt Wilson is a sculpture artist from South Carolina. He makes incredible cutlery art. Originally a drawer and a painter, Matt applied to be a welder in a shipyard and began to make awesome scrap metal sculptures. Now a full time upcycling artist, Matt specializes in sculptures made out of found materials. We especially love his cutlery birds.

Cutlery Art

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Cassette Tape Art

This cassette tape art is inspirational! It is the upcycled work of Atlanta based artist Erika Iris Simmons. Erika goes by the artist name iri5 and makes incredible upcycled art. Her materials of choice are cassette and film tape, music pages, playing cards and pretty much whatever else she can find.

cassette tape art

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Pallet Letters

These pallet letters are so lovely! They would be perfect for DIY wedding decor or day-to-day wall art. The best part of this project is that it’s super thrifty. Free pallets are super easy to come by. If you have some scraps of plywood and leftover paint/stain you could even make this upcycled wall art without dropping a dime! Are you in? Read on to find out how to make ’em!

pallet letters

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Scrap Metal Art

It’s incredible what you can create with scrap metal and ingenuity! This scrap metal art was created by Derek McDonald, an upcycling artist based out of Orange County, California. Derek started welding in high school. He didn’t have a job and so started welding any free “junk” he could gets his hands on. And so began Derek’s career transforming metal pipes, broken metal chairs, nuts, bolts, screws and washers into scrap metal art.

Scrap Metal Art - Edmund the Giraffe

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Top 5 Upcycled Pumpkin Ideas!

It’s upcycled pumpkin time! We love the idea of creating an upcycled pumpkin for Halloween. There are so many cool options! Looking at 5 different materials, we’ve rounded up our top 5 ideas for upcycled pumpkins.

upcycled pumpkin

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Bottle Cap Art

Engineer by day and artist by night, Josh Stolberg creates incredible bottle cap art. Back in college he began to collect bottle caps for no apparent reason. Several years later he had amassed thousands of caps! He started tinkering with them and then one day he created a full suit of armour out of bottle caps. By December 2013 Josh Stolberg was making all of his Christmas presents out of bottle caps. Since then he has been busy making commissions, signs and gifts – all out of upcycled bottle caps.

bottle cap art

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Coffee Leaf Art

We’ve seen coffee leaf art before, but this is our first time seeing the coffee on the leaf and not the other way round! This inspiring new medium is brought to us by Ghidaq al-Nizar, an Indonesian upcycler who used to be a latte artist. Al-Nizar uses the remnants of his morning coffee to create gorgeous coffee watercolours.

Coffee leaf art | Upcycle That

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