Light Bulb Ornaments

These penguin light bulb ornaments are the coolest. This is the perfect way to upcycle light bulbs into Christmas ornaments. The light bulb shape is perfect for penguins.

light ornaments

To make:

These penguin light bulb ornaments require a few layers of paint, but are easy enough to make. To start clean the glass bulb with rubbing alcohol. Next paint 2-3 coats of white paint over the clean glass body of the bulb. Allow time to dry between each coat to avoid paint drips. Once your white paint is looking nice and opaque then paint on the black tuxedo. Paint on the penguin eyes, beak and sweet cheek blush. For the hanger, knot a string into a loop and hot glue it to the cap of the bulb.

Optional step – penguin hat

penguin light bulb ornament

You can leave your penguin ornament as is, or if you’d like you can add a hat. We suggest using a child’s sock for this. Cut the closed side of the sock and place it on the penguin’s head at the cap of the bulb. Glue it on to the cap with a glue gun. Tie a ribbon around the hat and fringe the ends with scissors.



Feeling adventurous? Challenge yourself to make this Grinch ornament!

light bulb ornaments

Source: The Wicked Stepmom



  1. Rachel

    These are brilliant, I wish you could still get light bulbs like these. The energy sving ones just wouldn’t work.

  2. Diana Waltos

    Love it but it doesn’t say which paint works best, acrylic or activity paint? Do I put gloss shine over it?

  3. cyndi cordner

    They are super cute, as an alternative option if u cant find light bulbs this shape walmart has clear plastic ornaments in or near this shape $. 85

  4. charlotte

    I have made these a lot over the years. They are cute. You can paint them any design you want – let the imagination flow.

  5. lou

    these are great! i just fell in love with the one that resembles the grinch. i can also see a snowman and a santa. i think this will be my tree theme next year

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