Glass Jar Soap Dispensers

Looking for another great reason to keep your old glass jars? These glass jar soap dispensers are it. They are really easy to make and super eye catching. This project would make for a perfect mid-week upcycle. Find out how to make your own.

glass jar soap dispenser

How to make glass jar soap dispensers

It’s easy to make 1 or more glass jar soap dispensers. For this upcycle you will need used glass jars, soap pumps from previously used plastic soap dispensers, a drill, pliers and silicone adhesive.

glass jar soap dispensers

First save the jars you want to use and clean them thoroughly. We upcycled a honey jar and a salsa jar for our glass jar soap dispensers. Getting the labels and label glue off of the jars might just be the most difficult part of this upcycle. To do this we soaked the jars in soapy water and then peeled the labels off. A bit of nail polish remover is handy for getting the last bits of glue off.

Next you want to drill a hole in the top of your jar lid. Use a large drill bit size for this and one intended for use on metal.

glass jar soap dispenser

Once you’ve drilled the lid you’ll want to extend the hole so that your soap dispenser pump fits through. Use your metal pliers to stretch the size of the hole for this.

glass jar soap dispenser

Secure the pump to the lid hole with silicone adhesive. This will keep the pump in place and also prevent the lid metal from rusting.

glass jar soap dispensers

Allow for the silicone to dry and fill your glass jar with soap. Repeat for how ever many soap dispensers you wish to make. Step back and admire your awesome new upcycled glass jar soap dispensers.


  1. Helena

    What a great idea. My husband usually fills the ones that are empty with fat from cooking so it doesn’t go down the sink.

  2. hallzhallz

    Can you avoid using glue by chopping the top of the bottle and placing it’s thread through the jar lid? that way you don’t need to use the glue (those chemicals can’t be good for the environment).

    Only drawback is that it might be hard to make a large hole in the jar lid.


    this is a cool idea!! : )

    Instead of “stretching” the hole to fit the pump through, one could also drill the hole out more so the pump will fit…just be careful and clamp the lid down to something or put it in a vise.

    Holding the lid in your hand or with pliers is way too dangerous & that could mean a swift trip to the Emergency Room at the local hospital. I speak from experience unfortunately.

    Lehman’s also sells special lids that fit most mason type jars with a pump already installed…you get 2 of these for $7.95 + s/h.

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