Cube Cardboard Lamp

These days we can’t seem to get enough ambient lighting. That’s why we were thrilled when Linda Rose from Italy shared her cube cardboard light with us. Made from corrugated cardboard, this upcycle highlights cardboard in a really beautiful and interesting way. Find out how to make one for yourself.

cube cardboard lamp

How to make your own cube cardboard lamp

This cube cardboard lamp is relatively simple to make. The sides of the lamp are made from strips of cardboard glued together in squares. To begin measure 5mm x 8cm strips on cardboard and cut them out.

cube cardboard lamp

Aligning the wavy pattern, stack your pieces of cardboard wavy side out glueing the layers as you go. Stop once your square is 8x8cm. You’ll need 20 of these squares in total.

Each side of the cube is made by glueing 4 of these squares together. To get the cool effect shown match the direction of the waves on diagonal squares only.

cube cardboard lamp

Repeat the process until you have 5 large squares like this. Now glue the sides together to create your cube.

cube cardboard lamp

The next step is to make the base of the lamp. This is where the light holder and bulb will be contained. This is essentially made by bending a piece of cardboard to create a box.

Your measurements for this are as per the diagram below. Measure accordingly and cut along the border.

cube cardboard lamp

Following the image below with coloured lines, bend the green lines and cut the red ones.  Glue as per the images shown.

cube cardboard lamp

Now cut a hole is the bottom of the base for the lamp holder to stick through, and also one on the side to keep the wire in place.

cube cardboard lamp

Linda recommends adding little triangles to steady the lamp as well as 4 circles on the bottom for feet.

cube cardboard lamp

For safety’s sake, be sure to use an LED or energy saving bulb in your cube cardboard lamp.

Assemble and admire your handiwork.

cube cardboard lamp
Source: Instructables

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  1. Julia

    Amazing work and really good DIY description. I might try it myself looks like even I can do it. Usually we @ promote other designers who upcycle “waste” and make amazing pieces (check it out for some inspiration).

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