Coin Necklaces Giveaway

What could be cooler than discontinued coins coming back into circulation as stunning coin necklaces?! Feast your eyes on these gorgeous upcycled coin necklaces by RUBY. These trendy pieces are absolutely perfect for everyday wear. We love the idea of coin necklaces and are very excited to announce that these 5 beautiful pieces are up for grabs. Read on to find out how you can enter to win your favourite one in our new giveaway with RUBY.

coin necklaces

We were taken from the moment we spotted these gorgeous RUBY coin necklaces.ย RUBY is an independent line of beautiful lingerie and accessories from Cape Town, South Africa.ย The upcycled coin collection was designed by RUBY’s founder, Robyn Lidsky.

There is just something so nostalgic about coins. Robyn likens it to the memory of walking to the sweet shop to buy candy with your first pocket money. More than that, she says this collection was inspired by the rich history of vanquished empires, forgotten rulers and the famous events that these coins commemorate.

“Coin design is a highly skilled and considered craft that draws on leading artisans, influential artistic themes and the relevant cultural elements of each era.”

We think the necklaces are awesome, and love that all the coins have been selected for their intricate designs, historical relevance, handsome typography, or interesting engraving. The chosen coins are then repurposed into the most incredible jewellery. To become necklaces each coin goes through a two-step polishing process. The coins are then top-mounted with antique fittings. This allows the necklaces to be reversible, perfect for when you feel like showing off the flip side of the coin.

Although based in South Africa, RUBY is representing all corners of the globe with this Classic Coin Collection. Therefore we are pleased to say this competition is open internationally!

To enter: Like RUBY and Upcycle That on Facebook and comment below saying that you have liked us, as well as which coin necklace is your favourite.

This competition is now closed.

Congratulations to our winners:
Coin necklace 1 – Christine Maloney from the USA
Coin necklace 2 – Ruline de Bruyn from South Africa
Coin necklace 3 – Norma Nugent from the USA
Coin necklace 4 – Leandi September from South Africa
Coin necklace 5 – Jedidja den Besten from the Netherlands

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  1. Sally Garrity

    I LOVE all the Ruby jewelry and would be proud to wear any piece, but I think number 2 is my favorite with the ship as I want to travel to new places far away and see and experience other cultures!!! So, my vote is for number 2 !!!

  2. Patty Hollins

    I have “liked” both Ruby and Upcycle That on Facebook. I love all the coin necklaces but #1 is definitely my favorite. No matter where you are traveling as long as you have the sun shining down on you the adventure will be wonderful!

  3. leandi30

    Following as lee september.I love them all:) but if had to choose I would choose 1 or 4:))

    Lovely pieces!Pretty Please pick me:)))

  4. Iona Henderson

    Lovely, all of them! But, I am particularly partial to the beautiful Argentine sun of #1. I’ve “liked” both pages on Facebook.

  5. Christine

    I liked them both. I’m so excited to see more upcycling projects! I’m starting an eco-sewing business and love all things repurposed! I think I like the Ruby #1 best for the sun, that it’s from Argentina and I’d love to visit South America, and the scrollwork at the top of the design.

  6. Rashi Agarwal

    I loved all of them ……but no 5 just takes me by awe
    Heart that too tilted and crafted in coins just swipes me off my feet
    Would really love to have them all ๐Ÿ™‚
    (Liked both sites )

  7. Pam Sedgmen

    Have liked both sites on Facebook. I love them all but in particular Number 1. Brilliant idea Ruby and Upcycle

  8. Anni

    Have “liked” both sites, have been a fan of the RUBY for a long time, and “upcycle that” is great! Love nr 5, quirky and yet serene. X

  9. Lisa Kerry Ferguson

    I love (and ‘like’) these necklaces – Think number 1 is my fave – well done on a funky idea and a great collaboration! Hope you make a mint from these ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Ruline de Bruyn

    I am a fan of both pages on FB. Coin 2 will always remind me of my first trip to Sweden, sailing on the Baltic Sea to Birka, which is an island where Vikings were merchants before our time.

  11. Michelle

    Liked on ruby and already liked on upcycle that… 1 & 5 are my faves but the are all awesome and unique

  12. Waste Watcher

    I have liked your pages and this would be a cool thing for us to show during our presentations as examples of upcycled items. I like #4.

  13. jayne arthur

    They are all beautiful. My favourite is the half penny no. 2 and the year 1944 has special memories to my parents. I have liked both pages.

  14. Courtney

    I stumbled across this site trying to distract myself from my insomnia and I’m glad I did! I’ve liked both pages and will have to say that there’s something about #2 that draws me in but I can’t take my eyes off #4. I love the coin necklace idea. I have 2 in my necklace collection and recently saw this amazing art collection made from coins at the Indianapolis Art Center. So much history, I love it!

  15. Nicolette van der Merwe

    I have liked and entered. What an amazing upcycled necklace. My gran would have loved this!

  16. Susan Carson

    Like them all with 2 as my favorite- brings to mind Styx, “Sail Away”…Glad to find your site!

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