Bat Treat Boxes

Here at Upcycle That we are major fans of Halloween. This holiday offers loads of opportunities for creative Halloween upcycles and even more opportunities for indulging in candy. These bat treat boxes bring it all together. They are an easy upcycle and a fun way to give and receive candy. Better yet kids will love getting involved, making this a great Halloween activity. Read on to find out how to make your own bat treat boxes for Halloween.

bat treat boxes

To make your own bat treat boxes gather as many toilet paper rolls as you’d like to make bats. There are so many awesome upcycles involving toilet paper rolls. We recommend saving yours so you always have some to use for upcycling.

bat treat boxes

Paint your toilet paper rolls black using acrylic paint. Allow your toilet paper rolls to dry. Once dry, simply fold in the tops and bottoms of the paper rolls. This will form the pointy tops and bottoms of your bat treat holders.

bat treat boxes

Next you will be making the bat wings. We reused a black paper shopping bag to make ours. Black paper would also work well for this. If you’re using a paper shopping bag, cut it into a large rectangle and then accordion fold it to get the rippled wing effect. Then cut your folded accordion paper into halves or quarters, depending on the arm span you want your bats to have.

bat treat boxes

To attach your bat wings cut a horizontal slit on either side of your bat’s body in the middle of paper roll.  Then simply push your accordion wings through the slits and stretch them so they fan out nicely.

 bat treat boxes

You are now ready to add the finishing touch, the bat’s eyes. We used mismatched buttons for ours. You could also use googly eyes if you’d like.

To finish off your bat treat boxes open the top and add candy. Loose candy is fine for Halloween parties with friends. For trick and treaters be sure to use individually wrapped candy. Happy Halloween!

bat treat boxes


  1. All in a Soiree

    I love how a lot of your diy’s are of household and everyday items, can’t wait to try this for Halloween decorations.

  2. belindalarck

    nice idea but filing loose candies in a toilletpaper roll is something unhygenic remember this is used & of course came out fr the toilet .packed candies is a better idea.
    A better suggestion is: use a papertowel roll it comes fr the kitchen & clean too

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