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Rupert Blanchard

Every now and then we come across a upcycler that simply blows us away. Say hello to Rupert Blanchard of Margate UK. Rupert Blanchard is a designer, maker and collector. He moved to London in 1999 to do a graphic design course at St. Martins and quickly discovered that the streets were paved “not with gold, but with rubbish”. Rupert Blanchard started salvaging finds and upcycling them into gorgeous, industrial-style furniture. 

Rupert Blanchard | Upcycle That

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Woodworking for Beginners

Let’s talk about woodworking for beginners. A lot of people get scared by woodworking projects because they think they don’t have the skills, or need lots of expensive tools. In reality there are a few basic tools that are perfect for beginners. We’re gonna give you the rundown on our top woodworking tools. We’re also sharing our best tips on how to get these tools for less.

Woodworking for Beginners Tips & Tools | Upcycle That

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Boeing 737 Chair

Okay wow. We’re just staring at this Boeing 737 chair. That’s right, this chair was made from the cowling of an actual Boeing 737 engine. The Boeing 737 chair measures 200cm x 200cm x 200cm, which means it’s over 6 and a half feet in every direction. This upcycled chair would literally swallow you whole! Which, in our opinion, is a great quality in a chair.

Boeing 737 chair

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